The Federation of New England, or otherwise known as New England, is a federation located in northeastern United States. It is comprised of 13 states, 6 of which were previously part of the United States before succession in 1895.

After the Confederacy had signed the 1864 paris peace treaty with the United States, the economy of the north was in a prosperous period of growth and development. This growth was mainly due to the factories that were being built and trading with the rest of the world. The New England region of the U.S. experienced the largest amount of growth then any other region in the union. However, in 1893 the U.S. economy went into the worst depression in American history. As a result, the region hit the hardest was New England. Factories began to close and trading slowed down significantly. Unemployment rose to 18.4% and as a result, citizens began calling for economic changes in the region. By 1893 calls for the region to succeed the union and establish a new nation known as New England grew.

The succession movement quickly grew into threats of another civil war. Fearing another devastating conflict, congress wrote up a succession plan for New England. By 1895 congress and the president had approved the succession plan. On June 14, 1895 the Federation of New England was formed.

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