Crown Federation of Cascadia
Корона федераций Каскадии (RU)
Timeline: Land of Empires
OTL equivalent: The US states of Oregon, Washington, and parts of Northern California
Flag of the Federation of Cascadia (Land of Empires).png Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svg
Coat of arms
"Beautiful, Serene, Cascadia"
"Beautiful Cascadia"
Royal anthem: 
"God Save the Tsar!"
CapitalNikolaevsk (now Sacramento)
Largest city Kirillov (now Portland)
Official languages Russian
Demonym Cascadian
Government Crown colony/Empire
 -  Emperor Vladimir II (1947-1948)
Nicholas III (1948-1963)
 -  Governor-general Andrey Yeryomenko
Legislature Cascadian Duma
Currency Cascadian Dollar ($)

Cascadia, officially the Crown Federation of Cascadia began with the Russian invasion of the United States Pacific Northwest in 1943. It was established as part of the Treaty of Los Angeles signed after the conclusion of the Second World War in 1947.


The name of Cascadia was derived from the name of the bioregion in which it lies. 


Russian Invasion of the United States