Federation of Canada

Confederation of Canada

Flag for the Federation of Canada

Created after Northern Rebellion, after the Treaty of St Lawrence. Only surviving from the 18th of January to the 1st of September (both 1802) it had barely any time to make an impact on politics. Sir John Colborne was the only Chancellor.


The chancellor, Sir. John Nelson attempted to increase the image of the Federation by giving money, lavish parties to the foreign ministers which visited. He used the U.C.N as a "special police force" and outlawed all political freedoms, the right to protest and freedom of speech. 

August Protests

Outraged with the government 2000 people protested and rioted in Ottawa. After four days the U.C.N garrison fired on the protesters, killing 15 of them; 100 more were injured. Thomas Jefferson, the current President was out raged and ordered a conference with the Chancellor. However, after two days nothing could be agreed on.

On the 20th of August the United States gave the order to move ten regiments to the Canadian border and with the order to, "Invade Canada, doing as little harm as possible to civilians and land on the President's Command."

With this John Colborne resigned as Chancellor.


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