Federated States of America
Timeline: Washington's Flu
Federate Flag 12Stars
Federated States (in purple)
Capital Atlanta, Georgia
Largest city Houston
Language English, Spanish, others
Demonym Federate, Southern
Government Representative Constitutional Democracy
President Mike Huckabee
Vice President Marco Rubio
Population 81,943,889 
Independence from Confederate States
  declared 1878
  recognized 1883
Currency F.S. Dollar
The ​Federated States of America (also referred to as the Federated States, the F.S.A., the F.S., or the Federation) is a federal republic currently composed of 12 states and one commonwealth (Puerto Rico). The F.S. occupies the southeast of what once was the Confederate States, on the Gulf of Mexico and American East Coast. It is bordered to the north by the United States and the Confederate States, and to the south by Mexico.

The F.S.A. declared its independence from the Confederacy in 1878, in an attempt to protect slavery and their rights. After a very bloody five year war, the Confederacy recognized this independence in 1883. The F.S. then expanded into Mexico, taking four of Mexico's northernmost states. In 1899, they gained Cuba and Puerto Rico from Spain. This expansion was halted when the United States and the Confederate States declared war on the Federation in 1925, in an attempt to force the F.S.A. to end slavery once and for all. The Federated States lost quickly, being forced to end slavery, grant independence to Cuba, cede Puerto Rico to the U.S., and give the Mexican states back to Mexico. This led directly to the rise of a fascist government in 1934. This government went on to be an Axis Power in World War II, eventually losing to the Aliied Powers. After World War II, the F.S.A. was forced to give up all of Virginia to the U.S. and C.S., Kentucky to the C.S., and the western half of Texas to the C.S. In 1973, they gained some of the lost territory back when they won the Federate-American War, gaining back most of Virginia and all of Puerto Rico. In 1998, after decades of protests, segregation finally fully ended in the F.S.A. when President Bill Clinton signed the Civil Rights Act of 1998. Recently, the F.S.A. has been able to convince the C.S.A. to let Kentucky and West Texas hold referendums on whether or not to rejoin the F.S.A. Kentucky chose not to rejoin, but West Texas decided to leave the C.S.A. and rejoin the F.S.A. They were admitted to the F.S.A. as their 13th state on November 11th, 2016. One day later, they were merged back into the state of Texas, leaving the F.S.A. with 12 states once again.

The F.S.A. is comparable in influence and power to Germany or France. It has nuclear weapons, and is fairly innovative in technology.


The government of the F.S.A. is heavily based off of the U.S.'s government. The constitutions are nearly identical, except that the original Federated States Constitution incorporated slavery and parts of the Confederate Constitution. The current constitution, adopted after World War II, is the same as that but without slavery.

Constitutional Amendments

1st Amendment (ratified December 10th, 1913)- The 1st Amendment established the popular election of senators.

2nd Amendment (ratified February 7th, 1914)- The 2nd Amendment makes it impossible for anyone who has ever held a public office or title of nobility in another nation to be president. It also makes it impossible for anyone that currently holds a public office or title of nobility in another nation to be elected to the Federate Congress. (So they would have to give up that office or title in order to be a congressman.)

3rd Amendment (ratified January 3rd, 1920)- The 3rd Amendment established prohibition.

4th Amendment (ratified August 13th, 1928, overridden August 27th, 1934, reinstated September 14th, 1945)- The 4th Amendment outlaws slavery and grants all races and genders equal voting rights. It has been repealed and reinstated several times over the F.S.A.'s history.

5th Amendment (ratified June 1st, 1934)- The 5th Amendment repeals the 3rd Amendment and ends prohibition.


The F.S.A. has two main parties, the Nationalist Party and the Southern Party. The Nationalist, or National, Party was established in 1886 after Southern Democrats realized how different their party was to their northern partners. (The Nationalist Party is really just a renamed version of that party.) For most of its existence, the Nationalist Party was the racist and anti-civil rights party. They were behind the fascist regime in the 1930's. However, the white people still loved them. Recently, the party has greatly toned down its racist messages, starting with President Jimmy Carter, who didn't think such things belonged in politics. Today, it serves as the nation's conservative party.

The Southern Party was founded as opposition to the Nationalist Party, though it didn't manage to make much of an impact until after World War II. The name was chosen to convey to the people that the party was for them and one of them. That didn't really work. For all of its existence, the party has been the anti-racism and slavery party in the country. Recently, with less outright racism in the Nationalist Party, the Southern Party has shifted focus to women's rights and gay rights. Thus, it now serves as the country's liberal party.

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