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Federated States of Ishtar and Tellus
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Eastern Ishtar Terra and Tellus Regio.
Flag of the Federated States (Venusian Haven) Coat of Arms
Flag Seal
Language English (de facto)
Demonym Ishtarian
Government Presidential federal republic
  legislature Congress
Population 874,921 
Established 2002
Currency Dollar (VND)
Internet TLD .fs
Organizations United Nations of Venus, Venusian Forum

The Federated States of Ishtar and Tellus, commonly known as the Federated States, the F.S.I.T., and Ishtar, is a federation of former American colonies on Venus. The Federated States is currently the largest and one of the most influential nations of Venus.


The name Ishtar is derived from the name of the continent where the majority of the F.S.I is situated. The name Ishtar was given to the continent because of its beauty. Before the formation of the nation, there used to be four major nations making up the now Ishtar, both American.


Early exploration

Not much was known about the Venusian surface up until the Space Race, in which unmanned probes were able to get a closer look at the planet. Along with radar mapping from Earth-based telescopes, it was discovered that Venus did have a surface divided between oceans and continents.


The United States exploration of Venus started badly with the loss of the Mariner 1 probe on launch. The subsequent Mariner 2 mission enjoyed greater success, and after a 109-day transfer orbit on December 14, 1962 it became the world's first successful interplanetary mission, passing 34,833 km above the surface of Venus. Its microwave and infrared radiometres revealed that the Venusian cloud tops were cool and the surface temperature was matching the temperature of the tropical areas of Earth, increasing hopes that the planet might harbor ground-based life. Mariner 2 also obtained improved estimates of its mass and of the astronomical unit, and detected a magnetic field and radiation belts.

The first American landing took place on the 20th July, 1979, three years after the Soviets. This date is highly symbolic as the Lunar landings of 1969 happened on the same day. The first America to set foot on the Venusian surface was none other than Neil Armstrong himself, who had stepped foot on Luna ten years ago.


Ishtar is currently (ongoing debate) the largest entity on Venus, with around 65% being Temperate forests. The majority of the population is centered in the city-states, Kennedy, Armstrong, Regan and Einstien

Being on the Northern Hemisphere, Ishtar has very pleasant temperatures. The warmest temperature recorded is 40 degrees Celsius in 1993 in Armstrong. The coldest temperature recorded was negative nine degrees Celsius in 1997. Snowfall has been recorded but only on the Northern extreme of the country.

Ishtar is very plain and flat and has a few rivers flowing through it. It has very fertile soil and has beautiful coasts. The cliffs look like the White Cliffs of Dover and the residents of the country have lovingly named the cliffs the White Cliffs of Armstrong (as it is situated there).

Political divisions


Coast of Ishtar

The Federated States of Ishtar is currently made up of four main city-states. The states have some similarities with countries in the way there are governed and each state has divisional states or counties within it. Ishtar has 18 divisional states in total while only four main states. The American states have not been named after their city centers. They are:

There are also the American colonies of New Florida and a Scientology State, while Buffalo is run by the Western Canadians with their own government but share information with the American countries.


Ishtar has a booming economy, with some even joking that "America has a long way to go to reach the GDP growth of Ishtar." They mainly export goods and raw materials from Venus, with diamonds being a common export due to the abundance of it found as well as gold, silver and other precious metals.

Ishtar also export many types of "Venusian" alcohol, with the alcohol being a special luxury for the rich back on planet Earth. The Venusian alcohol was the first thing ever traded with the now country of New Kamchatka. It has proven to be a great hit there as well, with the mainly Russian descendants already huge fans of alcohol.

The GDP per capita of Ishtar is an impressive $23,000, with the GDP being measured in Venusian Dollars (V$), not in American Dollars. The value of the Venusian Dollar is equal to the American Dollar and has one of the highest currency worth on Venus.




Due to the Venus Treaty, plants cannot be planted in the rich soil of Venus and this has led many people in the search of food they could have eaten which is found on Venus. Although food is grown in special biodomes and hydroponics domes, many Venusian fruits were found eatable and were cultivated and grown as crops. Rabi, as the locals know it as, grows and tastes just like wheat and the plant is grown and bread is made from it. Another crop, Chaval, is also found naturally and has been cultivated as it is an alternative to rice.



Watermelon-like sweet fruit found on Venus

There are many types of Fruits on Venus. They range from slightly recognizable to downright weird. The fruits usually look exotic like the one shown. This has led to many people mainly eating Venusian fruits rather than fruits found on Earth. However, a few people still prefer Earth fruits but they are classed as a minority.


With many new types of wheat-like plants, the small but successful alcohol industry has had a huge boom. There are many new varieties of Alcohol found in Ishtar, and there is often new types being created all the time.


Ishtar has a limited variety of Demographics with most of the population being American or Canadian with a minority of Mexicans, Spanish and Indians as well as Chinese and Japanese.


English is the de facto official language of Ishtar with over 98% of the population speaking English and 92% of the population being either from or having Canadian or American ancestry. The second most spoken language is Spanish, followed by Hindi and Chinese.


The electricity is generated from solar farms and satellites which collect energy through solar panels and transmit them back through microwaves. There is also solar panels on every house, but the solar panels make up the roof. The extra amount of sunlight is utilized beautifully and there is so much sunlight that other forms of renewable energy is hardly ever needed.



The main forms of transportation is trains and trams which run on electricity. Trams like this one are the norm in Ishtar and it is the main form of transportation in the cities. Without any cars on the roads, there is nothing to clog up the streets and there is a lot of space for cyclists and pedestrians alike. These trams also look very stylish, thus adding to its appeal.

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