The "Federal Jack".

The Federated Kingdom of Great Britain and the Isles was formed in 1993 at the end of the Labour-Federalist coalition which governed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after the British General Election of 1988. It consists of six nations, the largest of which is England, which is itself divided into six Regions.

Constitutional status

Although it is a single kingdom and is referred to as federated, only the regions of England really count as federal states. The rest of the kingdom is merely a personal union, though it is also in a customs union which includes Ireland. This situation is unique in the contemporary world, as personal unions elsewhere have long since disappeared except for Andorra and France. It is also unusual in having evolved from a more closely associated single state rather than moving towards a federation. Each of the six nations is entirely independent of the others, with its own laws, interests, currencies and official languages. Forvik and Orcadia are in fact Crown Dependencies like the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles, and the last three are often forgotten by mainlanders.

Nations of the Federated Kingdom

Nations of the Federated Kingdom
Name Population Area (sq km) Capital
Cornwall 475,000 3515 Truro
England Harrogate
Forvik 22,000 1427 Lerwick
Orkneyjar 19,500 932 Kirkwall
Scotland Edinburgh
Wales Cardiff

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