Federated Empire of Hind-Bharat

Flag of Hind-Bharat
Empress (Maharani) Laxmi Bhai
Type of Government Imperial Federation
Colonies Indochina;


Capital Delhi
Federate language Hindi
National Languages Hindi, Arabic, English and Vietnamese
Currency: Rupee
Date of Establishment: 1865

The Federated Empire of Hind-Bharat, often shortened to Empire of Hind-Bharat or just Hind-Bharat, is a moderately large nation located in south and east Asia.



It was founded in 1865 when the remaining states of free Bharat united to fight the Americans and British. In 1865.5, America gave its Indian colonies to Hind-Bharat as a good gesture. A peace treaty was negotiated with the British in the same year.


Colonization efforts began the next year with Indochina being the main point for colonization effofts, followed by Burma.

Recent news


  • Flag of the Ottoman Empire War continues with the Ottoman Empire, with the army being crushed with the continous onslought of Russo-Hind troops
  • Quan Flag Railroad linkup with the Imperial Quan Confedercy continue, with most linkups happening in Burma and Bangla lands