1755: Alexander Hamilton is stillborn.

1804: Aaron Burr moves to Texas, supposedly to farm some land the Spanish leased to him.

1807: Rumors spread that Burr is trying to create a new country out West.

1821: Traveling to Washington, Burr is shot. During the preparation for burial, undertakers discover in Burr's possession a "New Constitution", declaring the secession of the Louisiana Purchase. The USA is shocked, and President Monroe famously states "The Constitution was penned to hold these States in a Union, not to fracture them." The Federalist Republic of Louisiana declares independence, but the United States refuse to recognize it. FRL President Jonathan Southington declares that "our right to secede is given by God."

North America in 1821

North America in 1821

1822: There is a growing movement on both sides to begin a war.

1824: President Monroe declares war on the Federalist Republic of Louisiana. Blood is first drawn at the Battle of St. Louis, where the Americans win easily. Minor skirmishes occur for the rest of the year.

1825: The second year of fighting is deadlier. England does not like some of its ceded territory becoming part of a revolutionary state, and creates a claim to its 1818 cession. It does not declare war yet, but keeps a close watch on the FRL. The United States are winning easily, cutting deep into relatively empty Midwestern farmland.

1827: England declares war on the FLR and invades Northern Louisiana. Cut by nearly two-thirds, Louisiana gives up. Its territory is divided between the USA and Britain.

North America in 1827

America after the Louisiana War

1854: Anxious to stop another civil war, President Pierce decides to set up an elaborate debate between Northern and Southern politicians.

1857: After several years, the Pierce Compromise declares that the South will be allowed more independence, but slavery is to be phased out over 20 years.

1877: All slaves are now free. America is peaceful.

1881: The Mexicans gain their independence. Their nation encompasses most of the West.

1905: The Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico. It allies with the USA.

1907: Britain, seeing the constant wars it needs to fight, gives Canada its independence. The new nation includes North Louisiana.

North America Now

North America in 1907

1917: The USA, Canada, and Texas all fight in the Great War. President Wilson tells the committee at the Treaty of Versailles that “Colonialism almost destroyed us. It is a danger to the world to slice it up as though it is a pie.” Moved by his eloquent words, the European powers sign an agreement to reduce colonialism.

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