Federalist Party of the United States
Founder Alexander Hamilton
Founded 1792
Dissolved 1816
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Nationalist Party
Ideology Federalism, nationalism, industrialization, non-interventionism
Political position Left
Official colours Orange, Black and White (usually associated with a black and white, later orange and white cockade)
The Federalist Party of the United States was a political party formed by Alexander Hamilton and lasted from 1792 to 1816. The political party only had one president - John Adams - become President of the United States, and Rufus King was defeated in the _ election against William H. Crawford. The political party believed in a strong central government, national bank, and an military. Following the First European War, the Federalist lost pratically all its power due to its strong opposition to the First European War, and an majority of its supporters left to the Democratic-Republican Party. The party was disestablished in 1826, and its remnants going on to form the Nationalist Party.