The Federal Union of Britannia (FUB) was a communist state which comprised of the Scottish Socialist Republic, The Welsh and Cornwall Federal Union, Northern Ireland Loyalist State and Irish Midland Union (1946-1998). The union existed from 1923-1998 after the Federal Act of Union 1923 was passed and joined all of the surrounding states together. All countries except the Republic of Ireland joined. Eventually in 1946 the FUB took over Midland, Border, East and West Ireland only Munster Ireland was left. They set up the The Munster Republic Resistance.


The British Empire has since fallen into ruin and power of the monarchy has been handed over to the British Parliament. After losing many of its colonies due to civil wars the country has plunged into recession and their banks are tumbling into debt. Many people have accused the monarchy of the problems and since it is no longer punishable by imprisonment to criticise the crown public outcry soars.

The newly formed Peoples Socialist and Equality Party have called for the abolition of the British Crown and that the country become a full republic. David George Lloyd a member of the Conservative Party rejects the idea as crazy and he will never allow a bill to be introduced.

After months of planning the Peoples Socialist Party launched their plan to veto the budget so that a election would have to be called. When the budget was announced the Peoples Socialist Party go the Progressive Democrats to pull out of government with the Conservatives ultimatly losing their majority in the House of Commons. Lloyd was furious and tried to pass and ratify the bill anyway. 478 MP's rejected the budget while only 436 MP's accepted it. Lloyd George under the Budget Ratification Guidelines was commanded to call a general election. He eventually called the 1922 General Election.

The 1922 general election was a disaster for the conservatives. The results were as follows

  • Peoples Socialist Party - 689 seats (Majority)
  • Communist Party - 278 seats
  • Progressive Democrats - 97 seats
  • Independants - 56 seats
  • Peoples Labour Movement - 52 seats
  • Conservative Party - 22 seats
  • Liberal Party - 6 seats

The Conservative Party was deystroyed by the election and lost 584 seats. The Peoples Socialist Party merged with the Communist Party to form the Central Communist Party which soon took government. They soon began to take over the entire government.

The leader of the Communist Party Gordon Creedy.