Federal States of America
OTL equivalent: OH and IN
FSA Flag2 No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

God and Our Rights (English)

Anthem "My Country tis of thee"
Capital Columbus
Largest city Cleveland
Language English
President Robert Taft, Jr. (R)
Population 21,000,000 (1960) 
Independence January 1st, 1940
Currency FSA dollar



The FSA constitution is very similar to the orignal U.S. version. There are some notable differences;

US Constitution FSA Constitution
There are 2 senators per state. There are 6 senators per state.
Senators are elected for a term of 6-years. Senators are elected for a 4-year term.
Senators and Congressman serve without term limits. Senators are Congressman are limited to 12 consecutive years of service.
The president is elected for a term of 4-years and serves without term limits. The president is elected for term of 6-years and may not seek re-election.
The president does not have the line-item veto. The president has the line-item veto.
The members of the federal court system are appointed by the president. The members of the federal court system are elected by the people.

Political Parties

Major parties

  • The Republican Party, a centre-right conservative party that has a strong history in the area that became the FSA
  • The Democratic Party, a centrist party founded out of the remnants of the old Democratic Party

Minor parties

  • Progressive Party, a left-wing party founded in 1935, it promotes democratic socialism and rights for the workers and farmers of the FSA.


With the ratification of the Federal Constitution in November 1939, the FSA officially established the Federal States Armed Forces:

  • Federal States Army
  • Federal States Air Force
  • Federal States Navy

The Federal States Army is currently equipped with the M-1 Garand rifle and the M2 Browning machine gun. Their army also is in the process of developing their own version of the M26 tank, along with many other armored vehicles.

In 1951, the FSA developed the atomic bomb.

The Federal States Air Force currently employs the F-100 as its main fighter.

The Federal States Army currently stands at around 125,000 men and the Air Force as about 300 F-100's.

The National Guard serves as the reserve for the armed forces and stands at around 1,000,000 men.


The FSA economy is agrarian and industrial, however, the FSA has made pushes towards greater industrialization and commerce.

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