The Federal Empire of the Philippines (Deutschsprache: Bundesreich Philippinen) or commonly known as the Philippinereich is a constitutionally federal state located in South East Asia. The country is a single state-federal monarchy form of government led by the Avealioneritter. The Philippinereich composes of 12 Federal States and 88 subregions within the federal states.

The Philippinereich is ruled and governed by its present Royal House (Geseinzelle), the Avealioneritter. Founded on March 23, 2006 and became the dominated power of the country after the FIlipino Civil War resulting into the resignation of the former president Manny Villar. The Avealioneritter immediately took control of the country and removed the powers of the president, the senate, and the congress. The 1987 Philippine Constitution was revised and eventually removed by the RItterkleine.

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