YSobsoimage This Yellowstone: 1936 page is Obsolete.

Events in this article are no longer part of the Yellowstone: 1936 timeline, but the page has been saved for sentimental and reference purposes. You are welcome to comment at the Main Discussion page.

Federal State of Italy
Stato Federale d'Italia
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Piedmont, Lombardy, Asota Vally, Vento, and parts of Emilia-Romagna and Florence
Flag of Fascist Italy (fictional) No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Italy (Yel.1936)
Location of Federal State of Italy
The Federal State of Italy was created as a direct successor to the PNF or National Fascist Party. It is considered a dictatorship with one of the highest standard of livings and the lowest standards of human rights

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