Federal Republican Islands of Trinidad & Tobago
Timeline: Rebuild (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Trinidad and Tobago
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago
Flag Coat of Arms

Together we aspire, together we achieve (English)

Anthem "Forged from the Love of Liberty"
Capital Port Of Spain
Largest city San Fernando
  others Spanish, Brasilian Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Trinidadian, Tobagonian
Government Parliamentary Republic
Vice President
Area 5,128 km²
Population 1,299,953 (Estimates include Refugees) 
Independence -From the United Kingdom 31 August 1962
 Trinidad and Tobago is a Reformed government which took control following the Great war and attempting to handle the Situation but at great cost to its own people. With a Failing agricultural base, and massive waves of refugees continually incomming the Government requested for its Southern Neighbor the South American Federation for help

Post Great War

Following the Great War the New Government of the islands completely Collapsed due to a Revolution in which a Federal Republic of the islands was established. While a completely unexpected move the new government handled things well but suffered a failing agricultural base due to the massive influx of Refugees which by 1966 outnumbered the population of the islands by more than 4 times. With this the Islands which has lasted independantly for 4 years post war joined the SAF officially as the Federal Republican Islands of Trinidad and Tobago or more commonly the Federal Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Membership in the SAF

The SAF immediately provided relief to the beliegured islands and managed to secure refugee influx and worked heavily on improving the island for future habitation being feasible, and even the expansion of a minor town on the Atlantic renamed Columbia (The Female Personification of the Americas) to be the new Shining light to the Sea for the World.

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