The Federal Republic of Socotra was formed in 2003 from the Appalachian Federal Republic.
Federal Republic of Socotra

Red: Map of the Federal Republic of Socotra

The AFR realized it would be easier for the islands to be semi-autonomous for logistics, and it would allow them to be part of the FAP indirectly. The population of the island is 36,784 civilian citizens, and 8459 Appalachian Federal Republic soldiers, naval personnel and support workers.


All foreign military needs are taken care by the Appalachian Federal Republic. The nation maintains a small coast guard for anti-pirate operations and a national guard.

Socotra Defense Force

3200 Personnel

Main Weapons:

  • M-19 (2,400)
  • M-14 (750)
  • MP-5 (50)

Armored Vehicles:

  • 11: M1-McDade Tank
  • 24: Humvee
  • 55: Pickup Trucks (Armed with M2 Machine Guns)


  • Five: Gearing-Class Destroyers

Coastal Patrol Ships:

  • 34: Modified PT Boats

Fighter Jets:

  • 12: F-4A
  • Two: F-15

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