The year was 1964. People were just recovering from the horrors of the second world war, the Americans invaded Vietnam, and the Cold war raged on. On March 7th a boy named Tristan Paklir was born in New Caledonia. Paklir had deep, brown eyes. Looking into them was like looking into the most oppressive regime in the world. Paklir was raised by Hardline Democrats, and took to their teachings. By the age of twelve, he was engulfing himself in the extreme Left-Wing world of Karl Marx. Paklir admired such "heroes" as Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. However, he hated and recognized the totalitarianism in the U.S.S.R. When Paklir reached age 15, he joined the International Young Communist League. Paklir loved Oceania, and often dreamed of an Oceania that was United and Strong.

In 1984 Paklir reached age 24. He had founded the Oceanic Mutualist Party, a Party that believed utopia could only be achieved when Capitalism and Communism were mixed. Mutualism brought up the Idea of distributing basic necessities to all citizens, such as food, water, clothes, furnishings, and shelter. However, if a citizen wanted more than what the government gave him, he would have to earn it by climbing the ladder. Most stores would be owned by the government, and private property would be kept at a minimum. This is so the government could have extra revenue without as many taxes. In 1985 Paklir and fellow Party members such as 38-year old Sumba Santo and American Jonathan Hill began campaigning around Oceania to form one country. They started in French Polynesia, and won an overwhelming 87% majority vote for independence. On August 22nd, 1985, the Federal Republic of Oceania was born. They Declared a Temporary Capitol in Apia.


In the year 1988, New Caledonia hosted a vote to decide weather or not it would join the F.R.O. On July 14th, New Caledonia had a majority vote of 72% Yes, and separated from France, joining the F.R.O. Paklir acted as the one of the Heads of state, for in The Federal Republic, two heads of state were in action. Their titles were "Premiers" and the reason for there being two was so no one person or party could gain too much control. Each Premier Represented either The Communist Mutualists or Capitalist Mutualists. The other Premier was American man Jonathan Hill, who was a major driving force in the campaigns. When the Two Premiers could not get along, a Council of Advisers, made up of eight top government leaders in the Republic, took over for six months. It was decided that a Premier could stay in Power for two terms of 15 years, making a possible 30 years total. By 1990, The F.R.O had convinced the people of dependent islands to vote for annexation into the F.R.O.

On June 19th, 1990, all the islands under the control of Western countries, Including Hawaii, voted Yes, ranging from majorities of 51% to 83%. But the Western Rulers of the Islands did not live up to their promises, and Paklir was enraged. He and Hill both agreed to declare war on the Western Nations, even though all they had was an air force the size of France's and a small navy. Paklir and Hill were re-elected in 1990, to serve as Premiers until 2015.

On July the twelfth, the Americans were driven from Hawaii and their Naval bases taken. This was a fleeting victory for the Oceanians, however, because American, French, and British forces soon arrived in Hawaii. After what is now known as the Molokai Massacre, an event where the Oceanians were brutally defeated, Hawaii fell. British Naval forces approached New Caledonia from the south, and The Oceanians were again defeated. By this time, Paklir and Hill called upon the Soviet Union to help. Gorbachev gladly agreed, and sent in thousands of Red Army Marines to help. By the Time the Red Army got to the F.R.O, New Caladonia had fallen. Samoa and the Capitol stood alone. The Soviets and Oceanians, with newfound Red Army power, waged a sea battle unlike any other on August 24th, 1990. The Western Powers were closing in on Samoa, but the Soviet-Oceanian Navies encircled from all angles. The Oceanians took the south and west, while the Soviets took the north and east. Western Forces were savagely boarded and destroyed in the Battle for Samoa, and the First Oceanian victory of the war took place. This was the major turning point in the war, and on October 27th, New Caledonia, Polynesia, and the Line islands were taken back. The war ended when the French and British forces could no longer afford to supply them selves, and the Soviets invaded Alaska. The Americans just simply could not bare the stress of a two-front war, and surrendered to the Oceanian-Soviet forces. On November first, the Treaty of Apia was signed, stating that All islands controlled by the Western Powers were to be turned over to the F.R.O, and that America had to give Alaska to the U.S.S.R, and each Country of the Western Powers had to give one-third of their Naval vessels to the F.R.O.

In 1991, the U.S.S.R did not collapse, unlike in our timeline. Instead, The Americans lost the Cold war and Collapsed on September 4th, 1991. From the American states, only one country Emerged. Although Communist in name, it was very similar to the old U.S.A. The U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America) Declared L.A Its capitol, and annexed the Baja Peninsula in 1992

In the Following years, many of the other small island nations of Oceania joined the F.R.O, and by 2000, Every small island nation east of Indonesia was belonging to the F.R.O, including Papua New Guinea.

(Bottom Right: Flag of the Federal Republic of Oceania)



In year 2001, a Monarchy rose up in Japan. The Emperor's name was Ichigo Morosaki. He declared war On the China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This Monarchy was able to emerge because of the Absence of Western Powers in the Pacific. On January Eighth, The Japanese Imperial Army invaded Southern China, and The Philippines. The F.R.O sided with the Allies against Japan, and help drive them out of the Philippines and China. The Japanese would not be killed so easy, however, and invaded every country it had declared war on, Including the F.R.O, on February 14th. The Soviet Navy did help Fight the Japanese in the North, but mainly as a distracting force. The Soviets had their own Problem in Europe, where West Germany, the U.K, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy declared war on them and Yugoslavia. WW3 had begun on March 3rd, 2003.

The Third World War

In the East, the Japanese and the Allies were in a stand off. The Japanese were occupying The Philippines and Coastal China. The Allies were occupying sea territory to the East of Japan. Back West, The Italians, French, and Iberians pushed the Yugoslavs back about 602 km from Belgrade, and the Soviets shoved through most of West Germany. On April 30th, 2004, the Eastern Stand off was broken when Allied forces managed to break the Japanese line to Manila, and the Chinese kicked them off the coast. In the North, Soviet Marines had begun to invade Japan, and in the South the Battle for Tokyo had begun. This battle was the longest ever. The Japanese held southern Honshu and Northern Kitakyushu for five years before Oceanian troops invaded Tokyo. On June 2nd, the Japanese war ended. After the War in the East ended, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia clamored to join the F.R.O for protection, and on June 22nd, they got their wish. The F.R.O Declared a new Capitol spanning the Strait between Java and Sumatra calling it "New Apia".

On June 30th, 2006, Belgrade fell to the Western Allies, and the Soviets had begun to be pushed back. By this time, the Russian Nuclear arsenal was the Largest in the world, and they bombed London, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon. Finally, after five hard years of Fighting, the War in the West was over as well, and had ended in Soviet favor. As part of the Treaty of East and West, Japan could not have military forces for ten years, West Germany was to become a Communist Bloc state, Northern Italy was to go to Yugoslavia, and all losing powers had to pay an equivalent of $10,000,000 U.S dollars to the Soviets, Oceanians and Chinese.


America was reformed in 2007, as the U.S.A, but no longer had such great power after losing Hawaii and Alaska. The F.R.O controlled the Pacific, and therefore Chinese-American trade, and was the naval and economic superpower of the world. In Europe, Capitalism and Communism still raged in a cold war, and the odds were undecipherable. America and China had to kiss up to the F.R.O and the Soviet Union, due to its diminished power. ISIS was never able to rise to power because the Soviets invaded Syria and crushed them with superior military force. Paklir and Hill stepped down in 2015 and took up duty as members of the Council of Advisers in 2016.

Today Oceanians enjoy a life of leisure and pleasantries in one of the greatest countries in the world.

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