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There is currently a debate about transforming the empire into a federal monarchy, where the provinces would have greater power.

Support of the Idea

The only party that has expressed full support of the idea is the minor Partido Demócrata Social, with 11 seats in Congress. The leader of the Congressional opposition Partido Acción Nacional has not pronounced its opinion on the issue.

Arguments in Support

The main parts of the plan are the following:

  • All provinces are represented by 5 members in a House of Provincial Deputies. Deputies are elected by the population.
  • Provincial Congresses have increased power.
  • The Provincial Governor is replaced by a Prime Minister.
  • Provinces have the power to raise a Provincial National Guard.
  • All Provinces have their own constitution.

Critics of the Idea

The leader of the Congressional majority, the Movimiento para México has said that it was against the project. The Imperial Family is also thought to be against the project.

Arguments of the MPM against the Idea

Prime Minister Vincente Fox said that the idea was "useless and ridiculous", his main argument being that there is no need for federalism, as the country is almost of the same ethnicity. He also said allowing the provinces to form National Guards would be "dangerous to the Mexican Empire's central government".

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