The Federal Council of the Celtic League is the the seven-member executive council, modelled after the Swiss Federal Council, which constitutes the federal government of the Celtic League and serves as the Celtic collective head of state. For the first time, women have had the majority of seats in the council since Juan Shimmin was replaced by Kirstin Mac Naoimhín. Shimmin's retirement also left the council to be the first without a Manx councillor.

While the entire council is responsible for leading the federal administration of the Celtic League, each Councillor heads one of the seven federal executive departments. The current members of the Federal Council are, in order of seniority:

Member of Council Joined Council Party State Function
Pasco Botterill Pasco Botterill 1 August 2007 Moderate Party Cornwall Environmental and Transport
Eilionoir Rose Eilionoir Rose 1 January 2009 Moderate Party Scotland Financial Affairs
Sadbh Ó Brádaigh Sadbh Ó Brádaigh 1 January 2010 Celtic Party Ireland Culture and Defence
Gethin Llewellyn-Rice Daveth Couch 1 January 2010 Free Pirates Wales Foreign Affairs
Maëlys Richelieu Maëlys Richelieu 1 January 2011 Socialist Party Brittany Justice and Police
Erwan Lachance Erwan Lachance 1 January 2011 Free Pirates Brittany Economic Affairs
Kirstin Mac Naoimhín Kristina Mac Naoimhín 1 January 2012 Socialist Party Scotland Home Affairs

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