The Federal Bureau of Intelligence is a US government organisation.

Founded in 1909, it has grown in size rapidly, and in 1969 became the only US intelligence service.

The bureau employs nearly 100,000 people, although it is limited to only 40,000 agents and 1000 special agents.

In 1974 the Central Information Agency was set up, to conduct background research and handle all declassified information.


The Bureau was set up in 1909 at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. Its purpose was to gather information on foreign powers, and prevent foreign intervention on the American continent.


Administrative Division

The Administrative Division oversees all.

  • Director's Affairs Branch
  • Inter Service cooperation Branch
  • Military Affairs Branch
  • Headquarters Branch
  • Organisational Branch

Homeland Security Division

The homeland security division provides security for the US.

  • Counter Terrorism Branch
  • Counter Espionage Branch
  • Presidential Security Branch
  • Congressional Security Branch
  • Urban organisation Branch

Criminal Affairs Division

The criminal affairs division is concerned with solving serious crimes, and apprehending dangerous criminals.

  • Narcotics Branch
  • Organised Crime Branch
  • Criminal Investigative Branch
  • Financial Security Branch
  • Law Enforcement Branch

Information and Technology Division

  • Surveillance Branch
  • Cyber Security Branch
  • IT Systems Branch
  • IT Management Branch
  • Information Support Branch

Intelligence and Security Division

The Intelligence and Security division

  • Operations Branch
  • Security Branch
  • Espionage Branch
  • Tactical Branch
  • Cryptic Branch

Public Affairs Division

The Public affairs division is responsible for maintaining relations with the public and recruitment.

  • Recruitment Branch
  • Training Branch
  • Media Branch
  • Public Relations Branch
  • Legal Branch

Scientific Division

  • Scientific Affairs Branch
  • Operational Technology Branch
  • Laboratory Branch
  • Scientific Security Branch
  • Scientific Engineering Branch

Rank Structure

FBI Rank
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
Deputy Assistant Director
Administrative Agent
Deputy Administrative Agent
Special Agent
Senior Agent


The FBI is officially headquartered at the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington D.C, although the majority of headquarters staff are based at the Langley Complex in Jefferson.
Fbi headquarters

The J. Edgar Hoover Building

The J. Edgar Hoover building was completed in March 1971, and renamed following Hoover's death in 1972. The building houses the offices of the Director and around 5000 other staff.

The FBI Academy complex in South Dakota is the main training center for FBI recruits.

The Langely Complex in Jefferson is the FBI's main operational base, and over 40,000 personnel are based there.

The Acorn building in New York is the headquarters of the FBI criminal affairs division.


The FBI employs around 100,000 people worldwide, over 94% of whom are American citizens.

The FBI recruits men and women aged 16 - 30, and has a set retirement age of 66. Most FBI recruits are volunteers, who must pass rigorous mental and physical tests to become an agents.

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