Federal Agreement of the Federation of Liberia

Point 1: Religion

There shall be no official national religion of the Federation of Liberia.

Point 2: Language

  • English should be the national language of the Federation
  • Variations of English, such as Kreyol and Merico, will also be nationally accepted.

Point 3: Constitution

Whilst accepting that the present Constitutions of the Republic of Nimba and the Democratic Republic of Liberia should form the basis of the Constitution of the Federation of Liberia.

The new Constitution of the Federation of Liberia should be a completely new document, drafted and agreed in the light of a free association of nations and should not be a series of amendments to a Constitution drafted and agreed by different nations in totally different circumstances.

Point 4: Head of Federation

  • The Head of State of the Democratic Republic of Liberia and the Republic of Nimba should not be eligible for election as Head of the Federation.
  • They shall be freely elected, in elections held no more than four years apart.
  • They shall hold office for no more than two consecutive elections, or four non-consecutive elections.
  • The elected Head of State may not change any part of ‘point four’ of the Federational agreement whilst in office.

Point 5: The name of Federation

The Federation shall be known as The Federation of Liberia or Liberia

Point 6: Immigration

Control over immigration into any part of the Federation from any outside nations should rest with the Central Government alone.

Point 7: Right of Secession

There should be no right to secede from the Federation once the Federational Agreement has been signed.

Point 8: West African Union Officers

Every effort should be made to encourage West African Union Officers to remain in the public service until their places can be taken by suitably qualified people from the Federation.

Point 9: Citizenship

  • A person must have been born into either the Democratic Republic of Liberia or Republic of Nimba.
  • Or born in the area within those two nations since 1st January 2012
  • Or must have taken a Federational citizenship test set by West African Union officials

Point 10: Tariffs and Finance

The governments of the Republic of Nimba and Democratic Republic of Liberia should retain control of their own finance, development and tariff, until the 1st January 2013 at which point these controls shall transfer to the new Federation of Liberia government.

Point 11: Transitional period

This should be one year, after the signing of the Federational agreement, during such period, legislative power must be left with the governments of the respective nations

  • In the cases of the Republic of Nimba and the Democratic Republic of Liberia, this shall come into effect at the signing of this agreement of the 31st December 2011. On the 1st January 2013 all governmental organisation shall transfer to the new Federational government.

Point 12: Education

The existing educational system of the Republic of Nimba and the Democratic Republic of Liberia should be maintained, and with the assistance of the West African Union advanced, and for this reason it should be under Federational governmental control.

Point 13: Representation in Federal Parliament

This should take account of the population densities of the new Federation of Liberia and in no way should be influenced by the respective sizes of the founding members. Each district shall appoint 1 member of the federal Parliament per 50,000 voting population.

Point 14: New member nations joining the Federation

Any new nation may join the Federation they must however:

  • Officially apply to join the Federation
  • Once the application has been accepted, Federation officials will assess the applicant nation to see if it has the necessary prerequisites to join the Federation.
  • Once the nation has been accepted, they shall sign the Federational agreement.
  • Once signed, there shall be a one year transitional period in which military and governmental assests are transferred to the Federation.
  • One year after becoming a member of the Federation the new member must hold free and fair elections to the Federal Parliament.

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