Cadeneta FNPL

The Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front (Spanish: Frente Nacionalista Patria y Libertad, or simply Patria y Libertad or PyL) was a right-wing nationalist paramilitary organization operating in Chile from the mid-1960's until the early 1990's in opposition to the Chilean communist government. Denounced as a terrorist group not only by the then-Communist government but by most of the mainstream Chilean opposition as well as foreign governments, it was a controversial organization that conducted bombings, sabotage, and assassinations, and was on occasion accused as being a front for the Central Intelligence Agency's anti-Chilean activities during the early 1980's, a claim which may have some value. It was dissolved in 1991 following the return of Chile to democracy and many of its leaders were controversially rehabilitated, and a number of ultranationalist Chilean splinter groups have attempted to claim its legacy in the ensuing years.

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