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Fashoda War
Part of the Scramble For Africa
Fashoda Incident map - en
Labelled map of Eastern Africa in 1898 prior to the skirmishes
Date 6 September 1898 – 1 November 1898
Location Eastern Africa, modern-day South Sudan
Result British victory
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag of France French Republic
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United Kingdom Sir Herbert Kitchener
Flag of the United Kingdom Horace Smith-Dorrien
Flag of France Jean-Baptiste Marchand
Flag of the United Kingdom 250 soldiers Flag of France 120 soldiers

The Fashoda War was a series of skirmishes between British and French troops in what is now South Sudan over disputed claims on colonial territory, occurring in late 1898. Following a French expedition to Fashoda on the White Nile river which aimed to exclude the British from Sudan, an Anglo-Egyptian army mainly under the command of Sir Herbert Kitchener engaged the French army in Fashoda in a series of large skirmishes across southern Sudan, resulting in a greater deterioration of Anglo-French relations.