A French poster depicting Major Marchand leading a trek across Africa.

The 19th century was a turbulent age in history. With European powers driven by imperialism and Social Darwinism, much of the world was placed under the grip of Europe, save for small isolated nations. These ambitions would ultimately lead to friction between powers competing against each other in colonization; causing several wars and crises in Europe and abroad.

One of these, known as the Fashoda Incident, was the final rift between the United Kingdom and France prior to World War I. As both British and French forces were essential in guaranteeing a victory for the Triple Entente. But what if Anglo-French relations were soiled before the establishment of the Triple Entente? What if the British and French Empires entered a series of skirmishes in the Fashoda. What if there was a Fashoda War?

Point of Divergence

During the confrontation between British and French colonial forces in Fashoda, a French rifleman misfires his weapon, causing the British to instinctively fire back. While this incident does not enter a full-scale war, it causes the humiliation of France and a British victory in the region. Anglo-French relations are horribly soiled due to the incident.

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