Fascist World

Note: It is not to support the fascist murderers, I'm just creating an alternative story that shows what would happen if the Axis powers won the Second World War. This alternative history has an author. Any changes should be asked.

Part 1: Hitler and the new alliance

Adolf Hitler, before invading Poland, reflects and realizes that if he invades, it may cause an alliance between the USSR and the capitalist powers, so Hitler began to develop a policy of rapprochement with the two powers (starting with the USSR). In late 1938, Hitler visits the Soviet Union and speaks with Joseph Stalin, saying that they have to form a union against the capitalist countries. At first Stalin does not believe (as a fascist, Hitler is not a revolutionary anti-capitalist), but ends up believing, as Stalin is also anti-capitalist. With a bit of mistrust, Joseph Stalin signed the Nazi-Communist pact, a new anti-capitalist alliance. Starting in the year 1939, the Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany would declare war on the capitalist powers, invading and causing general panic. The rulers of the capitalist countries would command their respective armies to defend their countries. The armies attacked the Germans and Soviets, trying to protect the countries, but as the two powers (Soviet Union and Germany) are more powerful, they manage to beat them in just a few months in different capitalist countries: France falls in July of 1939, Britain is defeated in the same year and all other capitalist countries, if not also in 1939, would fall in 1940 or '41. When the last capitalist country surrenders at the feet of the USSR and Hitler's Germany, fascist treason begins to surface, as the Axis powers launched a military attack against the Soviet Union.

Part 2: The fascist treason

In 1941, when all the capitalist powers surrender, Hitler convenes a special meeting of all the Axis powers to discuss the possible invasion of the Soviet Union, but Mussolini intends to make a coup in the Soviet government and establish a fascist as the new leader of the Soviet Union and no longer call it that, but Hitler said that the Red Army is still communist, so they may act against the coup, foiling it, so the best idea is to invade. There were many discussions, but the idea of ​​invasion finally won, which was carried out in April of 1941. The Soviets resisted and resisted, but the axis finally triumphed in 1946, with Communism banned in the Soviet Union and the latter renamed the State of Great Russia, a puppet state of the Axis powers. Other countries (who were once capitalists) in those who had established a provisional government, where the Soviets and Fascists were those controlling them, came to be controlled exclusively by the fascists, who still only had Britain and other countries European capitalists were once, but now began a new era when fascism was going to be imposed on every country in the world.

Part 3: Fascism over all

Having defeated Communism, the fascism is being introduced in all other countries, giving birth to new fascist states and the world sees a new era: the era of fascism.


Now, the following nations are run by fascists (by the time the flags are not ordered):

Empire of Greater Germany

Italian Empire

Empire of Great Japan

Spanish Empire

French Empire (Axis puppet state)

British Empire (Axis puppet state)

Kingdom of Albania (protectorate of the Italian Empire)

Flag of Albania (1939-1943)

Flag of Kingdom of Albania

Kingdom of Hungary (Axis partner)

Flag of Hungary 1940

Flag of Kingdom of Hungary

Kingdom of Romania (Axis partner)

Kingdom of Bulgaria (Axis partner)

Flag of Bulgaria

Flag of Kingdom of Bulgaria

Kingdom of Iran (Axis collaborator)

Flag of Iran (1925)

``Popular`` flag of Kingdom of Iran

Kingdom of Iraq (Axis collaborator)

Great Empire of Manchuria (Axis collaborator)

Republic of China (Axis collaborator)

Self-Government united of Mengjiang (Axis collaborator)

Flag of the Mengjiang

Flag of Self-Government unite of Mengjiang

State of Great Russia (Axis puppet state)

Fascist Russia

Flag of State of Great Russia

Independent State of Croatia (Axis puppet state)

Slovak state (Axis puppet state)
Fascist States of America

Flag of the Fascist States of America

Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945

Flag of the Slovak state

State of Serbia (Axis puppet state)

File:S Flag.svg

Independent State of Montenegro (Axis puppet state)

Flag of Montenegro (1905-1918 & 1941-1944)

Flag of Independent State of Montenegro

Republic of Finland (Axis collaborator)

Flag of Finland

Flag of the Republic (fascist) of Finland

Chilean Social Republic (Axis collaborator)

Fascist Chile

Flag of the Chilean Social Republic

Argentinean Social Republic (Axis collaborator)

Fascist Argentina

Flag of the Argentinean Social Republic

Fascist States of America (Axis puppet state)

Social Peru-Bolivian Confederation (Axis collaborator)
Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation

Flag of the Social Peru-Bolivian Confederation

Flag of Independent State of Croatia

Flag of the Independent State of Croatia

Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (Peace, Anti-Communism, National Construction)

Flag of the Republic of China

Flag of Manchukuo

Flag of Great Empire of Manchuria

Flag of Iraq (1924–1959)

Flag of Kingdom of Iraq

Flag of Romania

Flag of Kingdom of Romania

Flag of the British Union of Fascists

Flag of the British Empire

Fascist French

Flag of the French Empire

Franquist Spain

Flag of the Spanish Empire

Flag of Japan

Flag of the Empire of Great Japan

Flag of Italy (1861-1946)

flag of the Italian Empire

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945)

flag of Empire of Greater Germany