In this alternate timeline a new Fascism rises during the thirties. One that makes the world very different!

New Fascism

The German Worker's Party recruit more liberal thinkers in the 1920's which cause a road block to Hitler's ideas. However, when Hitler gains power the more liberal politicians in the newly reformed National Socialist German Worker's Party fall silent. However, when Hitler is arrested in 1923, the liberals take over the party but are fought back with resistance. The party then splits and the liberals form the Liberal German Worker's Party. A majority of National Socialists move over to the Liberal German Worker's Party, including Heinrich Himmler, who is made leader of the party in 1926. They then seize power in 1929 and reform Germany into Greater Germany, sometimes referred to as the German Reich. They impose strong equality through high militaristic views. Racism and sexism become punishable crimes and ageism is disapproved of. To help keep the equality, the Liberal German Worker's Party become the permanent leader and Heinrich Himmler becomes known as the Führer. Due to this Greater Germany is allowed to unify with Austria and Czechoslovakia, then the military ban on them is released to much French protest. Despite this Germany is still allowed to vote for democratic representatives. Communist, National Socialist and other extreme parties are made illegal and Hitler is executed in secret. Countries like France, Britain and America distance themselves from Greater Germany because of its equality laws. However, the British Union of Fascists splits like the National Socialist German Worker's Party did. Oswald Mosley is then voted into parliament to stop the liberals from taking power in Britain.

Greater German Allies

Benito Mussolini takes a liking to Greater Germany and he and Himmler create an alliance. Japan then joins the alliance in 1933. This new liberal Fascism spreads east and China adapt it, hoping that it will keep them stable against the Communists and give them protection against Japan. Then eastern European states adopt the policy. Finally in 1935 the Nuremburg Treaty is signed and the Axis alliance is made, it compiles of Greater Germany, Fascist Italy, the Fascist Republic of China, Bulgaria and Greater Romania. Due to employment boosts that this ideology offers, Fascism becomes extremely popular in the US. Spain, however, is not supported by any Fascist country, despite it claiming that it is a true Fascist country. Its Fascism being based on the Hitler ideals makes it a big enemy for the other Fascists.

Communist Alliance

Due to the ineffectiveness of Fascism in Spain it falls to a Communist revolution and makes quick ties with the Soviet Union. Together the Soviets and Spanish fund a Chinese Communist Party that is being hunted down by the Fascist Republic of China. Then there is an attempted Communist revolution in Bulgaria that was funded by the Soviets. Although defeated Bulgaria is badly damaged and on the brink of collapse so the Axis powers agree that Fascist Bulgaria and Romania should combine into the East European Republic or EER. Communism becomes hated but Yugoslavia also adopt the ideology. By 1934 the Communist alliance is signed, it contains the Soviet Union, Spain and Communist Party of China.

World War II

In the years leading up to the 1940's the Axis Powers devised a plan to take over the world and bring about equality. The idea of Fascism solving economic problems was very appealing and some people believed that equality was the price to pay for it. However, some nations feared that its high aggressiveness made it too dangerous and radical. In desperation Great Britain, France, Portugal, United States and Japan all group together in Paris and become the Allies. Then after tensions between China and Japan reach an all time high, a group of Japanese soldiers march into China and shoot at civilians. China at this time is trying to become more industrial so it fights back and kills the rogue soldiers but they believe that Japan sent them as the first invasion force. The other axis powers are willing to support China in the war and Greater Germany closes its borders and sets a majority of its scientists on the "Munich Project". Originally the "Munich Project" was thirty nuclear physicists trying to find out how to make an atomic bomb as they believe that it is possible. But as war is looming the number goes up to four hundred. Then on 17th September 1937 when Japan gets the go ahead, they invade the Fascist Republic of China. Greater Germany then sets up its Luftwaffe and Navy that is stationed in China and begin to help China a counterattack. Then on 23rd September 1937 Greater Germany declares war on France and invades through Alsace-Lorraine with the highly effective Blitzkrieg tactic. Then on 30th September 1937 Greater Germany invades Belgium, accusing them of siding with the allies. Later on 2nd November 1937 Fascist Italy begins its attack on North Africa and they roll into Egypt.

Defensive War

The US moves into European colonies and mainland Japan claiming that they will only play part in defending the allies not assisting the attack. The EER also go on a defensive war and are still building defenses that are deigned to defend a Communist attack. Portugal then want out of the alliance but the plane that their diplomat was in when traveling to New York was shot down by a Greater German aircraft carrier, the GGS Munich. Portugal's message never arrives. Due to the military ban release being in 1929 there are 300 U-boats. ready for action and another 250 that are nearly fully working. The U-boats surround mainland Britain and France halting all naval action from the two countries. However, Greater Germany does not want to resort with a full invasion yet.

Three Side War

On 3rd February 1938 when the second world war has gotten no further Communist Spain invades Portugal and the Communist Alliance join the war. Although the Soviet Union had been threatening war with Finland for years the Spanish invasion of Portugal served as a good purpose to claim the EER. Soviet invasions are, however, slowed by the defenses and so they make very little advance. The EER then go on the offensive and counterattack and then on 7th February 1938 the EER have "Operation Freedom" and have a number of naval landings in Crimea. The Soviets also invade Manchukuo and Japan is forced to withdraw from China. China uses this to build and fortify their defenses along their borders.

Invasion of France

Belgium surrenders on 12th September 1938 and the German forces quickly makes their way to Paris and the Germans manage to push through to Calais. The French government escaped before to Britain as to the south of France there are Spanish Communists. Germany take over northern and central France and allow the Italians to get some land. Spanish troops get into France on 7th December 1938 and manage to take some of the coast. French colonies in North Africa still put up a fight as they see themselves as true Frenchmen. Italy does not have the military power to fight a serious campaign against the French so they build up defenses and wait for an attack.

War of Horrors

On 2nd January 1939 Germany invades Poland, the Polish forces were mainly stationed towards the eastern borders to protect the country against the Soviets was the Germans invade with relative ease. Soviets then begin to invade Poland as well on 5th January 1939 when Polish troops start to move to the western front, there is now a race to see who can reach Warsaw first. By 11th January the Germans have reached Warsaw and they force the Polish into a surrender. Anti-aircraft guns and artillery are set up throughout the city and German Panzer divisions two, five and eight are placed in the countryside. Cities and towns are surrounded by oil and when the Soviet start to attack the Germans the oil ignites killing several Soviet soldiers. The siege of Warsaw began on 17th January 1939 and ended quickly as German Luftwaffe bombed the Soviets until they were forced into retreat. By 2nd February the Soviets are pushed out of Poland. The Germans then advance up through the Baltics and begin to prepare to attack the Soviets. the EER then manage to beat them back and the landings in Crimea are successful and the territory is captured on 5th February 1939. The EER then continue to invade Soviet soil. Then on the 14th February the Americans begin to bomb Chinese cities with napalm. As a Chinese boat managed to sink the USS Midway. The bombing proves effective but as all land troops are occupied with trying to reclaim Manchukuo. Then on 3rd of March 1939 there is a break through on the "Munich Project" they have found a way of propelling rockets of high power and also how to make flying bombs. Then a day later Himmler is told that it may be possible to build jet propelled planes. The planes could be mass produced and ready by late 1940. The order is cleared that jet fighters and bombers be built. Then launch pads are made for flying bombs that are known as the GA1 (German Attack 1). Launch pads for rockets are also being produced and one hundred U-boats are being made that could fire rockets. On 20th March 1939 a blockade of all 300 U-boats surround the UK and then the Luftwaffe begin bombing RAF bases. The battle of Britain had begun. The RAF were unsuccessful in stopping the attack and once the bombardment of the RAF is finished they begin to bombard the Royal Navy. Landing operations start on 27th March, known as "Operation Sea lion". Kent and Cornwall are captured three days later. Then on 1st April 1939 London falls to Germany and then US cities are hit by flying bombs, deployed from German planes over the Atlantic. The US then withdraw from China and start defending their own nation.

Invasion of Soviet Union

The invasion was a three party effort from Germany, China and the EER.

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