Fascist States Flags


  • ' Monarchy
  • - Democracy

400px-José Bernardo de Tagle Inti Argentina (Partido Justicialista) (1930-1938, from 1942) (Peronism) -
Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945) Germany (NSDAP) (from 1933) (Nazism) '
Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945) Costa Rica (Partido Nazi de Costa Rica) (from 1945) (Nazism)
Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945) Danzig (NSDAP) (1920-1938) (Nazism) '
Flag of the British Union of Fascists United Kingdom (British Union of Fascists) (from 1936) (Nazism) '
Italian Fascist flag 1930s-1940s Italy (National Fascist Party) (from 1922) (Italian Fascism) '
Italian Fascist flag 1930s-1940s Monaco (National Fascist Party) (from 1942) (Italian Fascism) '
Flag of Verdinaso Belgium (Verdinaso)
Drapeau de Rex  (Rexist Party) (from 1918) (Rexism) '
100px Hungary (Arrow Cross Party) (from 1920) (Szeged fascism) '
100px Lajtabánság (Arrow Cross Party) (1921) (Hungarian Turanism) '
Zbor Yugoslavia (Zbor) (from 1929) (Nazism) '
Flag of the Legionary Movement Romania (Iron Guards) (from 1938) (Romanian nationalism) '
Flag of Nasjonal Samling Norway (NS) (from 1940) (Nazism) '
DNSAP-emblem Denmark (DNSAP) (from 1940) (Nazism) '
Fascist France France (Rassemblement national populaire) (from 1940) (French Fascism) '
Flag of Russian Fascist Party Tsardom of Russia (All-Russian Fascist Party) (from 1946) (Nazism) '
Flag of the Hlinka party (1938–1945) variant 2 Slovakia (Slovak People's Party) (from 1939) (Slovak nationalism)
Bandera FE JONS Spain (Falange) (1923-1930, from 1939) (Franquism) '
100px Greater Lebanon (Kataeb Party) (from 1940) (Franquism)
Meandros flag Greece (ESPO) (from 1936) (Metaxism) '
União Nacional Portugal (União Nacional) (from 1926) (Salazarism) '
Fatherland Front of Austria Austria (Vaterländische Front) (1920-1939) (Austrofascism)
Flag of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands Netherland (National Socialist Movement) (from 1940) (Nazism) '
Flag of Ação Integralista Brasileira Brazil (Brazilian Integralism) (from 1930) (Salazaris) '
Bandera Vlajka Czechoslovakia (Vlajka) (1938-1939) (Czechoslovak nationalism) -
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile Chile (National Socialist Movement of Chile) (1927-1931, from 1952) (Nazism) -
Fine Gael historical flag Ireland (Blueshirts) (from 1936) (Irish integral nationalism) '
Flag of UPA Reichskommissariat Ukraine (UPA) (from 1941) (Ukrainian nationalism)
Flag of UPA Carpatho-Ukraine (UPA) (1938-1939) (Ukrainian nationalism)
Patriotic People's Movement (Finland) logo Finland (IKL) (from 1940) (Finnish nationalism) -
Smnl Bulgaria (Union of Bulgarian National Legions) (from 1934) (Bulgarian nationalism) '
PB Vasa CoA Sweden (SSS) (from 1933) (Nazism) '
Flag of Concordia Association Manchukuo (Concordia Association) (from 1932) (other) '
Taisei Yokusankai Japan (Imperial Rule Assistance Association) (from 1938) (Japanese nationalism) '
Balli Kombetar Albania (Balli Kombëtar) (from 1939) (Italian Fascism) '
Nazi Canadian flag Canada (National Unity Party) (from 1936) (Nazism) '
Drapeaux National Socialist Movement Thirteen Colonies (National Socialist Movement) (from 1945) (Nazism) '
VapsLogo Reichskommissariat Ostland (Vaps Movement)
Perkonkrusta karogs (Pērkonkrusts) (from 1941) (Latvian nationalism and Estonian nationalism) -
Lithuanian National Democratic Party logo Lithuania (National Democratic Party of Lithuania) (1919-1920, 1926-1940) (Lithuanian nationalism)
OssewaBrandwagWapen South Africa (Ossewabrandwag) (from 1924) (Afrikaner nationalism) '
Union Nacional Sinarquista-1- Mexico (National Synarchist Union) (from 1940) (Franquism) '
Flag of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party Syrian Republic (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) (from 1940) (Syrian nationalism) -
Flag of Dayar Mongol Mongolia (Dayar Mongol) (from 1951) (Nazism) -
SumkaLogo Persia (SUMKA) (from 1941) (Nazism) -
Flag of Zaire Zaire (Popular Movement of the Revolution) (from 1965) (Mobutism)
Flag of UNITA Angola (UNITA) (from 1997) (Angolan Nationalism)
Mz renamo1 Mozambique (RENAMO) (from 1992) (Mozambican Nationalism)
Naval Jack of the Republic of China China-Nanjing (Kuomintang) (from 1937 (only in China-Nanjing)) (Chinese nationalism)
Bandera del MNSDP Peru (Peruvian National Socialist Movement) (from 1930) (Peruvian Nationalism)
Flag of the People's Action Party of Vietnam Vietnam (PAP) (from 1940) (Vietnamese nationalism)
Indonesian National Party logo Dutch East Indies (Indonesian National Party) (from 1940) (Marhaenism)
Partito Fascista Sammarinese San Marino (Sammarinese Fascist Party) (1923-1944) (Italian Fascism)
FSB escudo Bolivia (Bolivian Socialist Falange) (from 1936) (Peronism)
Bandera Alianza Republicana Nacionalista El Salvador (Nationalist Republican Alliance) (from 1931) (Salvadorian nationalism) '
Lehi Israel (Lehi) (1948-1951) (Sternism)
Lehi Israeli government in exile (Lehi) (1951-) (Sternism)
100px Paraguay (Colorado Party) (from 1940) (Paraguayan nationalism)
Flag of Kalibapi Philippines (KALIBAPI) (from 1942) (Filipino nationalism)
100px Guatemala (MLN) (from 1931) (other)
Flag of Bavaria (striped) Uruguay (National Party) (from 1972) (Uruguayan nationalism)
Flag of the First East Turkestan Republic First East Turkestan Republic (Committee for National Revolution) (from 1933) (Turkic nationalism)
Flag of Indonesia Malaya (KMM) (from 1942) (other)
Flag of the American Nazi Party Confederate States of America (American Nazi Party) (from 1945) (Nazism)
100px Bohemia and Moravia (NS) (from 1939) (Nazism)
Flag of the CDR of Rwanda Rwanda (CDR) (from 1962) (Hutu Power)
Flag of Laos Laos (Lao Issara) (from 1940) (Laotian nationalism)
Flag of the Rhodesian Front Rhodesia (RF) (from 1965) (Rhodesian nationalism)
Togo (Rally of the Togolese People) (from 1967) (Tropical fascism)
Kingdom of Egypt (Young Egypt Party) (from 1936) (Islamofascism)
Military Dictatorship of Uganda (FPOU) (from 1971) (other)
Nicaragua (Nationalist Liberal Party) (from 1934) (other)
Thailand (Khana Ratsadon) (from 1932) (other) '
Iraq (HIW) (from 1933) (Pan-Arabism)
Colombia (1950-1953)
Colombian government in exile (from 1953) (Falange Nacional Patriótica de Colombia) (Franquism)
Dominican Republic (Dominican) (from 1930) (Dominican nationalism)
Principality of Liechtenstein (VDBL) (1938) (Nazism) '
Hellenic Republic of Cyprus (Progressive Front) (from 1974) (other)