There is at least one major Fascist Party in each nation that ever made up the United Kingdom. Here is a list of them.


Flag of Nazi Austria (No Belgium)

England was ruled by the English Union of Fascists under Dictator-General Oswald Mosley, who was assassinated in the end of World War II and ended up with England being placed under occupation. It has been outlawed in England and the UK.


Royal Welsh Navy Jack

Wales' Fascist Movement has slowly been gaining power since 1993. Bryan Etley is the current party leader and holds a Parliament Seat. It is part of the Greater Union of Fascists. It was created in 1936.


The Scottish Fascist Party is the one and only fascist party in Scotland and holds a small number of seats in the Parliament. It is lead by Andrew Carsnegie. It is also part of the GUF. Radicals created it in 1936.


The IF Party operates only in Dublin, promoting fascism and socialism. Also part of the GUF like the WFM and SFP. It was created in 1942.

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