Alt 1938

FF Europe in 1933

This is an Alternate history where the allies lose the first world war.

It allows Fascism to become popular in France as well as in Italy and a certain general becomes the French version of OTL Hitler!

Fascist France Timeline


July 5th 1918- German spring offensive has total success and the allies are pushed deeper into France.

August 1st 1918- German and Austrian forces launch an offensive to break the allies apart it succeeds and the British consider withdrawing from France.

September 1st 1918- Paris falls after a short siege and after being abandoned by all non-French forces.

November 12th  1918- France surrenders and the Treaty of Chartres is signed with France ceding a large part of its eastern border with Germany to the Germans.

The Belgians are also present and they cede half of their country to the Germans as well and half of Savoy is made into an independent state in the south east.

December 1st 1918- German troops march through Savoy into Italy catching the Italians off guard who are mostly occupied fighting the Austrians in the Alps.

January 5th 1919- Italy signs the Treaty of Ravenna with the Central Powers ceding Eastern Savoy to the new nation of Savoy created as a buffer to weaken both Italy and France.

November 30 1919- The United States and the UK sign a peace treaty with the Central Powers establishing a status quo and ending World War 1.

December 1st 1920- This is a time of unrest among the colonies of the defeated powers and the UK sees rebellion in Ireland and in India while France faces a brutal rebellion in Algeria.

March 5th 1920- A young captain by the name of Joseph Renauld Chastien gains fame as he takes the stronghold of the Algerian rebels while outnumbered three to one. From this point he works his ways through the ranks quickly.

January 1920- These are good times at home for western countries and economies boom.

March 1st 1920- The UK is unable to subdue the Irish rebels outside of the north and allows most of Ireland to have its independence.

March 20th 1920- Being the only central power that had to surrender to the allies, the Ottomans face unrest in Syria and Iraq.

1925- Mussolini, formerly prime minister, becomes the dictator of a new Fascist Italy.

January 5th 1925- With fear of the Syrian rebels spreading to the northern Levant France sends a force to help the Turks.

Now Colonel Chastien once again shows his prowess in defeating large forces and gains more glory.

January 20th 1925- After a long series of wars the newly-established Soviet Union finally smashes the rebels in Ukraine that tried to form a free state after the Russian civil war began.

March 5th 1925- The rebels in India finally surrender and India is retained by the British empire.

October 29 1929- Great depression begins after world stock markets collapse. This begins the de-establishing of many western countries.

January 1st 1930- Due to pressure in Germany caused by the depression the kaiser steps down and allows Germany to become a constitutional monarchy with an elected chancellor being the head of state.

June 5th 1930- Germany and the UK form an economic pact to help recover their economies from the depression.

January 8th 1931- Pressure in France creates riots and masses of bread lines as well as fights between Italian inspired Fascist and Soviet inspired Communist.

April 1st 1931- The military in France faces a dilemma in what to do about the current situation. They end up agreeing with now Lieutenant General Chastien that they will help the needy and execute the Communist demonstrators.

June 5th 1931- The battle of Rouen Normandy happens when French forces under General Chastien fires on the largest Communist group in the country during a riot. The rebels fire back but are destroyed with great losses.

June 20th 1931- Outraged by events in France the British PM announces that they will revoke their alliance with France and gain closer ties to Germany.

July 1931- The French Communist decide to surrender to the government after clashes all over the country.

December 1931- General Joseph Chastien marches into Paris with the army and is declared Consul for life - becoming dictator of a Fascist military controlled France.

February 1932- France and Italy create the Mediterranean defense pact.

March 1932- Slovene nationalist revolt from Austria and control most of the southern part of the country.

June 20th 1932- Austro-Hungary is near collapse and they beg Germany and the UK for help.

Meanwhile, France sends munitions to the rebels to punish the Austrians for helping Germany in the great war.

July 5th 1932- Moldovian and Bessarbian rebels in Eastern Romania defeat the Austrians badly and they decide to let the rebels have their own state of Moldovia.

November 1st 1932- Austro-Hungary ends there civil war by allowing the south to succeed as Yugoslavia.

February 15th 1933- Yugoslavia joins the Mediterranean defence pact with France and Italy.

March 15th 1933- Chastien demands France be allowed to reoccupy Burgundy along the new German border. The allies give in without much concern.

February 1934- France and Italy begin huge military buildups in secret unknown to the UK or Germany.

July 5th 1934- Chastien demands the annexation of Western Savoy whose French patriots have protested for months to be allowed to rejoin France.

The United Nations, seeing that the majority of the targeted country wants reunification, allows it.

October 1934- Eastern Savoy is guaranteed its freedom by the UK and Germany As they realise they must draw a red line somewhere.

17th July 1936- The Spanish civil war begins as Generalissimo Franco invades from Morocco.

25th October 1936- The United Kingdom and Germany decide not to support either faction in Spain but still send small arms to the republican forces.

January 20th 1937- France and Italy send tanks and planes to Generalissimo Franco's force in Spain allowing him to gain a great advantage vs the republicans.

May 5th 1937- A French volunteer battalion equipped with improved Char B 1s with greater fuel efficiency are sent to Spain for battle testing.

September 1937- Polish secessionists in eastern Germany riot and assassinate German regional officials.

French invasion

French troops invading Germany

December 5th 1937- France and the Soviet Union make a pact to help one another if either country ends up in a war against Germany.

March 8th 1938- Spanish nationalist forces under Franco finally crush the republicans with lots of help from France and Italy.

After the victory Spain joins the Mediterranean Defence pact.

June 8th 1938- Italy invades Eastern Savoy and the UK and Germany declare war on Italy as a result.

Char 1B rolling towards the Rhine

June 10th 1938- After goading the Italians to begin the war the French launch a huge invasion of Germany and quickly reclaim the territories lost in WW1 and push the Germans to the Rhine.

On this day the UK also goes to war with France and the Soviet Union prepares an invasion of Eastern Germany\Poland.

Alt ww1938

Blue Mediterranean Defense pact vs Red Allies

July 5th 1938- General Chastien convinces the Netherlands that they will receive all of Flemish Belgium as a reward if they support him by declaring war and being a distraction for Germany as French troops prepare to go over the Rhine.

July 15th 1938- French army group B in the center clashes with the central part of the German defending armies and the resulting battle of Andernach and the French won the battle after three days and sustaining twice as many casualties.

August 10th 1938- Italian and Yugoslav troops invade southern Austria meanwhile the Italians fail to invade Egypt which is occupied by the British and they are pushed back to Sidi Birani.

September 1st 1938- Bombing of Munich by the French is the first major city bombing aimed at destroying ordnance rather than at military units. It kills 30,000 civilians.

September 20th 1938-  As Spain prepares to send re-inforcements to North Africa and assist the French-Italian force there.  They hear that Cuba is having pro-Spanish demonstrations and wanting Cuba back they ship supplies to the rebels.

October 5th 1938- The United Kingdom air raids northern France heavily for the first time in the war. This begins the air battle over the English Channel.

November 3rd 1938- Revolution in Quebec begins as they refuse to take arms against France and Canadian troops prepare to use all means necessary to stop a rebellion.

November 8th 1938- Adolf Hitler unveils his painting of the bombing of Munich and it awes the German chancellor Herman Khun so much that he buys it for 8000 marks in an auction.

December 5th 1938- After crossing the Rhine horrible conditions bog the French down and they fail to take Essen and begin a siege of it and the rest of the major Rhineland cities that are in German control.

January 1st 1939- After receiving sufficient British and Canadian re-inforcements, Allied command unleashes and counterattack against the French and it retakes half of the fallen cities and pushes the French back to the river in some places.

January 20th 1939- The battle of Koln ends the allied winter offensive as the French under Adrian Chastien (the Consul's brother) defeats the Allies giving them heavy losses and the clearing skies allow French air superiority to wreak havoc on the Allies.

February 2nd 1939- Combined Med Defence pact forces push back the British in North Africa to outside Tobruk were they prepare to defend the city.

February 5th 1939- The Ottoman Empire formally joins the war on the French side and they invade British Palestine unsuccessfully.

March 10th 1939- Cuban pro-Spanish rebels succeed in obtaining control of Cuba and the United States mobilizes and tries to find a culprit for who armed the rebels so well.

March 20th 1939- As the final snow of the season melts the French prepare another assault into Germany.

March 25th 1939- Although their peer pact with France required the Soviets to assist them in the war with Germany the Russian invasion of German Poland and the Baltics didn't begin until now and it opens up a second front of the war.

April 15th 1939- Being forced to divert troops to fight the Russians the Germans and allied troops are put in a worse position as the French push towards central Westphalia.

May 5th 1939- With Russian and Turkish assistance the Baltic front of the war starts to collapse for the Allies and Austro-Hungary is overrun and Vienna is encircled while Prague is maintained after a brutal close battle.

June 5th 1939- The fall of Dortmund and the French advance all the way to Bielefield. This campaign is a huge loss to the allies as they suffer three to one losses to the French.

July 1st 1939- Japan joined the war on the allied side and invades French Indochina.

August 10th 1939- The Russian advance is defeated at Königsberg where they suffer a huge defeat that wrecks half of their air power and armor of the northern front.

August 15th 1939- The Germans unveil their new tiger tanks on the eastern and western fronts designed to take out Russian KVs and French Char B series tanks they are a great success but not yet available in large numbers.

August 30th 1939- The French are halted at the battle of Oldenburg were German and Canadian troops Inflict massive losses on them including 80 Renault tanks and 8000 men.

September 1st 1939- The allies in the Battle of Jever on the East Friesian coast defeat the Dutch soundly whose armor consist of mostly outdated French supplies from the pre-war era causing the Dutch to retreat all the way to Wilhelmshaven.

September 10 1939- Cuban nationalists bomb the Florida Keys using Spanish supplied biplanes. After this, the United States votes to declare war on the Spanish and French.

October 30th 1939- Large supplies of American Shermans and Springfield rifles reach the allies in Germany and in North Africa.

November 2nd 1939- American troops under General Bradley invade Spanish Morocco and defeat the Spanish soundly. After this the French in Algeria scramble to react.

November 5th 1939- German and allied forces counter attack the Yugoslavs and Italians in Austria pushing them out but they stay entrenched with some Russian help in Czechoslovakia.

November 15th 1939- As winter returns and American troops pour into Germany the allies prepare another winter offensive to try to reclaim some land.

November 20 1939- As American warplanes mass in Britain in large numbers the bombing of France intensifies and it damages French war production much greater than French bombings do the allies.

December 2nd 1939- All out allied offensives in North Africa push the Med Defense forces to Tunisia were they entrench to try to hold out.

December 10th 1939- Allied offensives in Germany pushes the French well back into the Rhineland but it is halted at the battle of Castrop.

December 20th 1939- The new French heavy tank a char B2 upgraded with a 88 mm gun is unveiled as the Jacques tank is effective in direct fights vs tigers but can France build enough to give them armor superiority?

January 5th 1940- The fall of Tunis as the French colonial army finally surrenders along with the Italians. Meanwhile, the British invade and overrun the French Levant and Syria.

February 15th 1940- American and Canadian forces invade southern Spain while the British invade from the south east.

February 18 1940- After facing mild resistance American troops overwhelm and crush the Spanish at Sevilla losing only 1000 men to 5000 Spanish and another 3000 captured.

February 20 1940- The British marching from Murica fight there way to Granada linking up with the Americans and pushing the Spanish out of far southern Spain easily.

March 1st 1940- Fearing that Spain will collapse Consul Chastien sends 15 French divisions to boost up the Spanish defence.

March 10th 1940- Allied forces in Spain go north from their positions and they meet heavy resistance at Cordoba.

March 20th 1940- German forces in Poland stop the Russians advance at Warsaw and this halts the last major MDP advance in Eastern Europe.

March 25th 1940- Chastien holds a war conference with his allies and attempts to make an agreement on not accepting terms with the opposition unless all powers agree. He fails to convince the Soviets or the Turks but he gets the Spanish and Italians to agree.

April 1st 1940- Nearing the Dutch border allied forces in Germany begin preparing a possible invasion of the Netherlands.

April 8th 1940- Anzac and British forces in the Mid East invade Turkey and the sultan is killed in a riot shortly afterwards. This is an obvious sign the Ottoman Empire is falling apart from within and out of its borders.

April 20th 1940- Allied forces in Spain push their way to Toledo were Franco-Spanish forces set up a line under General Henri Rochambou.

April 25 1940- American troops under Omar Bradley fail to get through the Rochambou line near Toledo. They lose 3000 men and some equipment in the attempt.

May 15 1940- In Spain Generalissimo Franco Decides to raise a militia out of those too young or old for normal service so he will have enough men to attempt a counterattack Gen Rochambou agrees with the militia but argues against a counter attack.

June 1st 1940- George Patton takes command of American forces in Spain and he crushes the Spanish counterattack with little restraint.

June 10th 1940- German and Canadian forces invade the Netherlands through East Friesland they push their way to Leuuwarden without much trouble and the Dutch forces block the bridges near Arnheim to slow them down.

June 30th 1940- General Rochambou desperately tries to hold the defences at and around Toledo as the allies under Patton surround and barrage him.

July 8th 1940- Patton breaks the defences at Toledo and the Americans defeat the Franco-Spanish badly causing Rochambou to surrender with his 15 French divisions.

July 30th 1940- With the greater part of Franco's army lost at Toledo all he has in reserve in Madrid is militia and they are Defeated by Canadian forces who assault and overwhelm the city. after its loss Franco flees to Salamanca.

August 1st 1940- With events in all fronts being reversals Chastien decides to send one more army group of ten units to Spain to try to hold his nearest allied country together.

August 10 1940- the Battle of Madrid begins as Anglo-American forces push to encircle the outnumbered Franco Spanish units.

August 15th 1940- Battle of Madrid continues as the encirclement nears completion,

meanwhile Spanish Militia surrender in droves as American tanks close in on them.

August 20th 1940- Anglo-German forces under Mannstein Attempt to Capture Arnhem but the Dutch forces prevent them by destroying the bridges.

leaving the Allies with only part of the city.

August 25th 1940- The decision is made by local Belgian Wallons to form Belgian units to help the French cause in the war Chastien's war cabinet accepts the deal and ten battalions are raised and sent to the Dutch theater Fleming units are also raised to fight alongside the Dutch army in the northern theater.

August 30 1940- Seeing the Dutch forces are too entrenched in the north the Germans try to push from the south and meet Franco-Dutch units at Borken Germany Were they push them into the Gelderland border.

September 3rd 1940- General Piedmont Commander of the French forces in the Madrid area Surrenders and ten of the French Divisions that were sent earlier go with him. This is a immediate sign that Fascist Spain is doomed.

September 10 1940- Franco's cabinet resign and surrender to the Allies as it happens Franco himself flees north to Zaragoza and allows the French to Declare martial law in whats left of Spain that they control.

September 15th 1940- German troops breakthrough at Arnhem after approaching from northern Germany the Dutch forces in the area are now surrounded but they offer resistance to the last Fearing German annexation if their country were to fall.

September 25th 1940- Mussolini sends Emergency Units to southern France to bolster the MDP forces in the area against possible allied incursion.

September 30 1940- Franco Spanish forces build and continue to build up a entrenched line of defences from San Sebastian to Barcelona.

October 2nd 1940- Allied forces all out assault the Barcelona line and fail to gain much ground.

thus plans are set forth on how to damage the MDP forces in other fronts.

October 15th 1940- ANZAC forces along with Americans invade and capture Sicily.

October 20th 1940- the Allied buildup in Sicily for a invasion of Italy begins seeing that southern France is too well defended at the time and the bulk of the MDP forces are in that theater Italy seems like possible easy pickings,

October 25th 1940- German forces reclaim the area from Essen to Dusseldorf pushing the thinly stretched French line farther into West Germany.

November 1st 1940- Anglo-German forces push towards Utrecht as Flemish and Belgian re-inforcements arrive in time to help build up the defense.

November 5th 1940- Allied invasion of Italy begins with the Italians rapidly losing territory and further thinning the French army out Chastien sends a couple of French divisions to help defend Italy.

November 10th 1940- The stalemate on the eastern front ends as German-Polish\German Forces push all the way to Minsk then the Russians unsuccessfully attempt to retake Minsk.

November 15 1940- Stalin backs out off the MDP and agrees to a cease fire with the deal that the soviet union isn't to lose any territory from the conflict.

November 30 1940- Allied troops push upwards into Italy and defeat the Italian-French forces at Naples.

December 4th 1940- Anglo-German forces prepare for a attempt to break through the German-French front as troops pour in from the recently ended eastern front.

December 8th 1940- Chastien creates a new militia named the Old Guard after the famous Napoleonic unit.

it is comprised of those to old for regular military service and the mentally handicapped.

December 10th 1940- As Hilversum and Neeuwigen falls Utrecht is surrounded and Prime Minister de Geer decides to surrender his country to the Allies instead of continuing the futile defence of the Netherlands.

following this the Belgian forces are withdrawn to there own country to prepare its defense.

December 20 1940- the Germans invade hard and the French lose the area from Saarbruken to cologne now the front line in the German theater is around Aachen.

December 29th 1940- As a horrible winter storm disables allied air superiority Chastien himself takes over the the German theater Army and launches a counter attack to retake the Rhineland industrial area. The French push on for days and this battle is a set back for allied command.

January 12th 1940- Rome surrenders to the Allies and Mussolini is forced to flee north.

January 20th 1941- Just as the French were about to overrun Dusseldorf the skies clear up and Allied Air superiority pounds the French into a fast retreat.

February 5th 1941- The Anglo-German forces with fresh troops from the east Push the French back to Aachen and prepare to invade Belgium.

March 1st 1941- Under Patton's command the Barcelona line is finally broken and the Allies push to the southern border of France.

March 5th-June 10th 1941 Allies build up for a invasion of Normandy with a simultaneous invasion from southern France and Germany.

March 20 1941- Belgium surrenders to the Allies after a month long invasion France is now alone in the war and surrounded on all sides.

June 15th 1941- Invasion of Normandy- The Allies under Montgomery and Bradley land on the north coast of France and encounter heavy resistance but the French are simply overwhelmed and within hours the beaches are secure.

June 20th 1941- German invasion of the Alsace Lorraine area Chastien places Henri Renault as the commander of French forces in the eastern theater.

June 25th 1941- Allied invasion of Southern France through Spain commences And Patton pushes to Toulouse were he is repulsed with heavy losses Showing that Chastien's France will not fold easily.

July 10th 1941- Caen falls to the British and the Americans take Averanches.

July 15 1941- German Forces under Rommel Push to Nancy were they fail to overcome the cities staunch Defense.

July 20 1941- Chastien takes command of the Army of the Norman Defense front and uses his military Skills to stall the Allies but he is very low on supplies and France's economy is in shambles.

August 10th 1941- After the fall of Italy the collaboration government decided to join the Allies cause and they allow a Italian-Canadian invasion of France through their border which was pre-war Savoy and the Savoyese French units put up Extreme resistance resulting in a stalemate.

August 20th 1941- Fall of Nancy to the Germans Metz is surrounded and Renault escapes by airplane to Chalons.

September 5th 1941- Fall of Rouen to the allies. Chastien Raises yet a new militia out of the underage and even women that want to join in. They are called the Free Corps.

September 10th 1941- Battle of Chalons Renault takes personal command of the French forces and is shot in the arm and later stabbed by a Germans bayonet After the fighting ends the French are routed and Renault is captured.

September 20 1941- after a campaign that takes them from Toulouse to outside Lyon the Americans under Patton are finally stalled as The Old guard general Phillipe Dumanne Holds them off with the remnants of the French southern front.

October 5th 1941- The savoy front crumbles and Italian-Anzac forces take the entire area from Marseille to Grenoble.


The invasion of France

October 15 1941- Brittany falls to the Americans after Months of fighting.

October 20 1941- Allied and German forces push on Paris from all directions Chastien pulls his pistol out and Leads from the front it is a very desperate gambit and he is shot up by a Canadian fighter plane before he gives command to his brother Luis Chastien and then kills himself to end his misery.

November 3rd 1941- After both sides suffered tens of thousands of losses the Germans take the French center of government and Luis Chastien surrenders unconditionally.

November 5th 1941- World War 2 ends.

December 20th 1941- The Allies decide to split France up into seven pieces And take part of France and part of the Netherlands and giving them to Belgium.

February 5th 1942- With Europe left in ruins and the former combatants low on funds There is widespread unrest in areas dominated by minorities and such Hungary votes to secede from Austria this year.

June 10th 1942- Communist guerrillas cause trouble in northern France were German peacekeepers deploy to put them down.

March 5th 1943- Widespread French unrest in the areas Germany annexed from World War 1.

June 8th 1943- Hans Kruger is elected chancellor of Germany he brings a policy of giving autonomy to the French-dominated areas of the west.

August 15th 1943- Communist rebels overthrow the new government of Hungary and The Austrians are to Weak to provide support So it is left to the Germans to either help or allow Communism to gain a foothold in Eastern Europe.

September 5th 1943- Stalin sends Soviet units to help the Communist in Hungary crush the remnant governments army This outrages The leaders of Western Europe but Not wanting another war they let it pass.

October 10th 1943- Unrest in Poland leads to Greater freedoms and autonomy in German Poland.

December 12th 1943- The French states ask the League of Nations for approval to form a loose league for co-operation and the French League gets approved.


Post war

Post war Europe in 1942


To be Continued!

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