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Fascism Morto - The Death of Mussolini

This is a timeline in which Benito Mussolini was killed during his military service in 1905, thus resulting in a different Italy and Europe for the 20th and 21st centuries. Anybody can suggest additions to the timeline in the talk pages, as well as edit the pages if you put your name in the contributors list below.


The Death of a Smith

In 1902, a young smith named Benito Mussolini arrived in Switzerland, running away from Italy to avoid military service. He traveled around cities working as a stonemason, studying the works of socialist revolutionaries and giving speeches to workers around the country. He became a secretary of the Italian workers' union in Lausanne but his advocacy of a violent general strike left him being arrested for a fortnight.

After deportation to Italy, Mussolini returned to Switzerland and was arrested once more for falsifying his papers. In December 1904 he returned to Italy to take advantage of an amnesty for desertion of which he had been convicted in absentia. Since condition for being pardoned was serving in the army, on December 30, 1904, he joined the corps of the Bersaglieri in Forlì.

He set off with his regiment in an expedition to Italian Somaliland, but was caught amidts the fighting of Oroma and Agaw tribes. The regiment was attacked by Oroma warriors and although the weapons of the Italians made quick work of most of the tribesmen, the blades carried by the natives took 3 lives.

Including the life of Pvt. Benito Mussolini

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