Frederick Mercury
Farrokh Bulsara
Timeline: Trainwreck

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
1985 – 1991

Member of Parliament for Kensington
1985 – 1992

Born 5 September 1946
Stone Town, Zanzibar
Political Party Labour Party (UK)
Socialist Party of England
Religion Zoroastrian (1946-1983; 1990-present)
Anglican (1983-1990)
Profession Politician
'Farrokh Bulsara' (better known in England as 'Frederick Mercury'; 5 September 1946), is a retired Zanzibari-born English and Indian politician, best known as the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, his premiership lasting from 1985 to 1991.

Following the collapse of the Empire

Following the dissolution of the United Kingdom, Mercury spent several unsuccessful years as a Socialist politician. In 1998, he changed his name back to Farrokh Bulsara, and returned to India. He became involved in activism and politics for about a decade, and retired to his current home in Mumbai.