The Faroe War, alternatively referred to as the North Sea War or the Irish-Danish War, was a military conflict in 1913 and 1914 between Ireland and Denmark, with Alaska supporting Ireland and France supporting Denmark. The war was fought by Ireland to gain control of the North Sea and cement its role as the preeminent North European military and economic power. The war is regarded as hastening the rapid decline of the Danish colonial empire in the early-to-mid 20th century, as the Danish were defeated both at sea and in land campaigns in Iceland and the Faroes, and were driven out of Greenland by an Alaskan landing party. The Treaty of Trondheim, which ended the war, resulted in the Faroes being transferred to Ireland, Greenland being split with Alaska, and Iceland being granted independence as a dual protectorate of Alaska and Ireland. The war caused disagreement amongst the French elite, as Denmark and Ireland were both critical French allies, and many believe such internal conflicts within the nascent French bloc would eventually lead to the CIC a half century later. Due to the official support for Denmark by the French, the Franco-Irish alliance experienced a rift for much of the next fifty years, with only a brief reconciliation in the mid-1930's during the Irish War.

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