Konungsríkið Føroyar
Kingdm of the Faroe Islands
Flag of the Faroe Islands
  Official Faroese
  Other Danish
State Religion: Vulpine paganism
Other Religion(s): none
Capital: Tórshavn
Queen Bjørg II
Chief of state: Kaj Johannesen
Area: 1,399 km²
Population 21,000 inhabitants
Currency: króna
The Faroe Islands, officially known as the Kingdom of the Faroe Islands (Faroese: Konungsríkið 'Føroyar, Danish: Kongeriget 'Færøerne) are a semi-independent country situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland. The total area is approximately 1400 sq km with a population of almost 21,000, from which all of them are vulpine.

The Faroe Islands were politically associated with Norway in 1380, when Norway entered the Kalmar Union with Denmark and Sweden, which gradually evolved into Danish control of the islands. This association ceased in 1814, when Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden while Denmark retained control of Norwegian colonies including the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

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