Far East Communist Countries Union
Timeline: Stubborn Stalin
1000px-Flag of the FECCU 630px-FECCU
Flag Coat of Arms
Stubborn stalin CUCAC
Location of the FECCU
Established Formed on December 2, 1954

The Far East Communist Countries Union (FECCU or Far East Union) was signed by the five Communist countries of Asia: China, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, as a response to the loss of the Korean War for communism, the First Taiwan Strait Crisis, and the signing of SEATO. It was formed as a security protection organization rather than a single country. Up until 1958, the countries would choose a city in their respective country as a meeting place for the leaders of each country. After 1958, the honorary meeting place became the Chinese city of Shanghai. After the loss of Korea in 1954, Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong said in a speech that the Chinese "would become more involved in the Cold War."

Many United States and Soviet politicians after the signing predicted that China would of become the third superpower. The Soviet General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev parted ways China in the year 1958 and broke the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship in the same year. No clear reason has ever been told as to why Khrushchev split from the Chinese. Most felt that Khrushchev was afraid of the Chinese and thought the Chinese would overcome the Soviets as a superpower but that as yet to happen.

The Far East Communist Countries Union is governed something like the European Union. Each of the countries making up the FECCU have a capital and their own respective government but the main capital of the FECCU is Beijing.

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