Starting with the rise of the Military Junta lead by General Juan Cortez on January 17th, 1975, was the False Liberation.

The conflict began with the advance of Confederate infantry from southern Sonora into northern Durango, which results in a clash on January 29th between Mexican and Confederate forces, with the resulting victory by Confederate forces paving the way for the advance of CS tanks and ground forces into the country.

By February the Confederates were locked in a stalemate with the Mexicans in the Baja Peninsula, while in the main part of the country several stands by Mexican militia had brought the brunt of the Confederate advance to a dead halt, which allowed the Mexican Army to arrive in time and hold the line.

In the south Mexican troops had retaken the land taken by the CSA in the last Mexican-Confederate War on the Gulf of Mexico, with it having been taken by late March.

It was in the middle of August however that the Confederacy finally managed to break the Mexican lines in the north and push southwards, advancing rapidly as CS bombers and fighters began destroying Mexican supply lines and industry. 

In late October the remaining Mexican forces were corralled into the city of Acapulco in southern Mexico. There the Confederate forces bombed the city relentlessly for three weeks day and night until finally on November 2nd, the Mexican army surrendered to the Confederate forces around the city, ending the war and "liberating" Mexico from its own government. 

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