Falmouth (pronounced: fal-meth) is the largest city in in the state of Maine and the seat of Cumberland County. As of 1997, Falmouth proper is home to 72,000, while the Greater Falmouth metro area is home to around 600,000, nearly 1/5 of Maine's total population. The city also includes the suburbs of Foreside, Portland, and Westbrook.

Once known by local Native Americans as Machigonne, the region was first settled by the English in 1633 as the village of Casco, and subsequently received its current name upon the region's takeover by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1658. The city has been partially or entirely destroyed three times: it was first burned by Wampanoag Indians in 1676 during the so-called 'First Indian War'; second was by a party of French and Indians during the Second Indian War in 1690; lastly was in October 1775, when the British Royal Navy burned the town in a controversial act that further galvanized anti-British sentiment in the Thirteen Colonies and spurred-on the six month-old American Revolution. This would lead to the adoption of the city's motto: Resurgam (Latin for "I will rise again.").

The NAHL's Falmouth Atlantics (founded in 1978), are the sole professional sports team in the state, and call Atlantic Center Arena (the city's main sports' venue) home.

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