Fallout: New Vegas
Legion at New Vegas entrance Fallout Movie Poster by CassAnaya
Official Poster for Fallout:New Vegas
Directed by George W. Bush
Produced by Harry Travis
Written by Jack Tucker and Eytan Tucker
Based on Fallout: New Vegas video game
Starring Mathew Carnell, John McCain, Leona Weil, and William Shatner
Studio Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) 2012
Running time 137 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Fallout: New Vegas is a 2012 post-apocalyptic war film directed by George W. Bush and is based of the video game with the same name. The lead role is portrayed by Mathew Carnell, respectively. It was produced by Harry Travis, directed by George W. Bush, and written by brothers Jack and Eytan Tucker, with input from novelist Bryan Burk. The film featured an ensemble cast, including John McCain, Leona Weil, and William Shatner.

The film was the most expensive project undertaken by Paramount Pictures, but the highest grossing film in 2012, and one of the highest grossing in the history of film making. It was met with mostly favorable reviews, and along with the success of the 2010 film Book of Eli, led to the increase of interests for the post-apocalyptic genre.






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