Fall of Liberty is set in a timeline where an invasion of Saint Helena in 1819 leads to the rescue of Napoleon Bonaparte, who is then taken back to Rio de Janeiro. His hunger for power leads to him taking over Brazil, and later the rest of South America to make the South American Federation, or just the Federation.

== Timeline of Events ==

January 1, 1819: Early into the night near the island of Saint Helena, a naval fleet, led by French admiral Nathan Dorian, included one Man O'War, five Frigates, and many other smaller ships sailed close to the British fleet guarding the island. The marines, which were made up mostly of French deserter, mercenaries, and others, sneaked up on most of the British ships. They boarded each ship, which took little effort as they were full of drunken sailors. Many of the British were either killed or surrendered to the French. Then, using the ships, began a bombardment of the island. Later the French Marines landed on the island and faced little resistance, as most were also drunk and many died. Napoleon Bonaparte was freed and brought back

January 14, 1819: Dorian's Fleet, now with three Man O'wars, Six Frigates, and more ships, landed in Rio de Janeiro. With the 7,500 strong force of Napoleon's, his new army was able to easily capture the whole city in a day. With the support of France in Brazil strong and hatred of the Portuguese rule, many militias were either neutral or supported Napoleon. After Napoleon set up the basics for his governing of Rio de Janeiro, he started to recruit and build up his army. He also put John VI of Portugal in jail, and attempted to start making a treaty with him involving Brazil.

January 18, 1819: Word of Napoleon's return reaches Europe. Tens of Thousands of French people start going to Brazil to find out if this is true. The British, although skeptical, send a small fleet to Rio de Janeiro to find out if this is true, which is joined by a small Portuguese fleet to find out what happened to their king.

January 25, 1819: An ambassador is sent to the United States of America by Napoleon to start relations between the two nations.

February 8, 1819: Napoleon sets up most of his new nation. The South American Federation is created with the Constitution of Rights being created. He plans for the nation to be made up of multiple states, with each one having three representatives, and him being the emperor.

February 27, 1819: The British and Portuguese fleet are stopped by a larger fleet led by Admiral Dorian. Dorian tells them of Napoleon's proposed Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, now renamed New Versailles. He asks for The surrender of Brazil to him, a peace treaty, the immediate withdrawal of all Portuguese from Brazil, and the free passage of any supporters of his from France to Brazil. In return, all captured Portuguese, including King John VI, would be returned to Portugal. 

March 2, 1819: A battle on the outskirts of Salvador decimates the Portuguese army, which leads to the rest of their army to retreat or surrender.  

March 11, 1819: The Treaty of New Versailles is brought back to the British Prime Minister, Liverpool, was infuriated with the return of Napoleon and ordered for his death and the destruction of his army. Many in Britain were against this, as they just came out of a war and wanted little of another one with Napoleon. The people in Portugal were outraged that their King was captured and declare war.

March 14, 1819: A joint British and Portuguese naval fleet, led by British Admiral sets sail for Brazil with the intent of the execution of Napoleon and his army.

March 21, 1819: Word of the British and Portuguese declaration of war against Napoleon's Brazil, now referred to as the Federation. Many are outraged with this, as the Americans view it as the European nations are trying to gain more colonies. Many in the American begin trying to start an embargo against Portugal and Britain, while others are sending support to the Federation, whether it be weapons, supplies or money.

March 28, 1819: Napoleon receives word of European movements, and start preparing his military for their arrival.

April 3, 1819: A massive influx of French people allows for the industrialization of cities throughout the Federation. Although now some Brazilians seem to realize they're only going to be ruled by another European leader, and more of them begin to revolt. Napoleon promises them this will not happen, and creates the South American Federation Congress, which is heavily based off of the American congress.

April 8, 1819: The Napoleonic Code is reinstated, this time in the Federation.

April 13, 1819: The

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