Type: polytheism (slightly patriarchal) Direction: inwards Focus: repentance

Ruling Deities: The God of the Sea and the God of Time Important Deities: the God of Theatre and Dusk, the Goddess of Madness and Marriage, the God of Holidays, the God of Tournaments, the God of Inspiration and Sacrifice

Divine Interaction: everyday occurrence

Involves: private shrines in homes Afterlife: involves fire and brimstone for evildoers and can not be reached while alive Supernatural: demons (tricksters), mischievous spirits

Worship: solemn group public sacrifices Holidays: often Holidays Celebrate: historical events, minor deities, past miracles, new moons, great priests Major Holiday(s): often include exchanges of gifts

Clergy: both genders Function: direct connection to divine, community leaders Lifestyle: ascetic Family: none (chastity required) Chosen: study to become clergy Distinguished By: a symbolic weaponCultural Aspects

Symbol: is a 24-pointed star Holy Color: gold

Passed Down: via a strong oral tradition Creation Myth Type: dismemberment Mortals' Origin: darkness Major Myth/Symbol(s): the journey, the struggle

Deadly Sins: apostasy, thoughtlessness, despair, sloth and faithlessness High Virtues: abstinence, bravery, faith, loyalty, charity, moderation and humility

Associated Art form: stories/parables

Coming of Age: 16 years old Coming of Age Rite: involves a separation from parents

Marriage: is often arranged from birth Marriage Rites: are attended by only close friends and family

Death Rites: involve embalming

Major Taboo: strong emotions

Prevalence: believed by most Outsiders: are scorned

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