Type Public
Traded as NYSE: FCC
Dow Jones Industrial Average Component
S&P 500 Component
Industry Conglomerate
Founded Farmingdale, New York (April 15, 1925)
Headquarters Baltimore, Maryland
Area served


Key people

Yeoman Fairchild (Chairman and CEO)

Revenue US$ 165.87 billion (2012)
Operating income US$ 26.57 billion (2012)
Net income US$ 14.68 billion (2012)
Total assets US$ 689.35 billion (2012)
Total equity US$ 17.53 billion (2012)
Employees 252,983 (2012)
  • Fairchild Securities
  • Fairchild Aviation
  • Fairchild Solutions
  • Fairchild Imaging

Fairchild Corporation (NYSE: FCC) is an American global aerospace manufacturer, defense, security and advanced technologies corporation with worldwide interests. The company was founded by Sherman Fairchild in 1924 as Fairchild Aviation Corporation, based in Farmingdale, and East Farmingdale, New York. The current corporation was formed by the purchase of M7 Aerospace in March 2003. It is headquartered in San Antonio, Cranmer. Fairchild Corp. employs 126,000 people worldwide. Marillyn Hewson is the current President and Chief Executive Officer.

The corporation consists of the several subsidiaries: Fairchild Aviation, Fairchild Securities, and Fairchild Imaging.


Fairchild Aviation

  • Previously founded as Fairchild Airship Manufacturing Corporation. The commercial aircraft manufacturer FA is the largest division in terms of revenue, generating 57% of total revenue for the group in 2013

Fairchild Solutions

  •  Headquartered in Houston, Cranmer, the company provides energy, commodities, and technological services. It was form after the Farchild Corp. bought an bankrupt Enron in December 2003. It later acquired First Solar for 3.5 billion dollars on 2006, engaging in the research, design, manufacture and distribution of solar cells, solar modules, as well as the development of Photovoltaic system. In 2015, Fairchild Solutions employs approximately 20,000 staff and is one of the world's major electricity, natural gas, communications and pulp and paper companies, with claimed revenues of nearly $111 billion during 2012

Fairchild Securities 

  • is a security firm, based in Montreal, Quebec, NAU, with 48,000 employees (by April 2016) Though GardaWorld International Protective Services, now the international division of the company, began its operations in 1984, GardaWorld Security Corporation was established by its Quebecer owner Stéphan Crétier in 1995, who initially invested $25,000 in the company, then named Trans-Quebec Security Inc. After months of negotations and reorganizations, GardaWorld was acquired by Fairchild Corp in April 2012 The company is the second largest consulting and security services firm in the world, with operations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The company today runs heavily on physical security guard services as well as armoured car services in select countries and cities throughout the world. The firm has over 200 offices worldwide.

Fairchild Imaging

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