Mid-Late 1940s


POD: June 6, many American, Canadian and British troops and boats drown and sink when trying to land on Normandy. Morale of the Allies drops greatly.

In Italy and around the world mostly German but Axis morale jumps greatly except for in Japan (at least in secret).

On June 9, Hitler calls on the Allies to surrender but is rebuffed quickly.

On June 13 the Germans begin to launch V-1 rockets on London, while the United States invades Saipan on June 15th. Japan immediately withdraws from the island.

In Europe, Stalin launches his major offensive Operation Bagration powers west regardless of the allies. In Italy the US and allies receive major reinforcements. Meanwhile the US scores a major blow after the Battle of the Philippine Sea where the Americans only got a stalemate but it was considered victory. After this Japan retreats from the Philippines and prepare for a final offensive in the Pacific and Mainland Asia.

In Italy the Allies have begun a creeping advance north and follow this up with the invasion of South France in Operation Dragoon. This invasion of France is easier as this area is less focused on by Hitler and therefore less protected. The Allies quickly liberate much of France and by August 4 they have taken Normandy and only Northeastern France and specifically Paris are under Nazi rule.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, the Japanese suffer more losses as they no longer contain any other islands besides the Japanese Archipelago, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. In Asia they have retreated to Manchuria and some areas south of Manchuria by Thanksgiving Day in the US.

In West Europe a stalemate arises and research on nukes increases and building a nuclear bomb.In East Europe large swaths of territory have been liberated by the Red Army. The Germans have lost nearly 20 divisions. As a result of this catastrophic loss morale plummets.

In Japan the people are now resenting the war which leads to a decline in patriotism and the desire to die for their country.

December 7, Japan signs a peace treaty with the Allies and current borders remain the same as Japan is unwilling to give up Manchuria. China regains its lost coast but Manchuria and Korea remain Japanese as now all eyes are on Europe.

It is also decided that in Asia that all Japanese will no longer retain control over their former puppet states. Mongolia was to join China. Thailand was also to become an independent nation again, under joint American and British occupation, the Dutch East Indies shall join the British Commonwealth and also any other Pacific islands not yet captured will be divided between the US, France, and Britain. Taiwan will remain with Japan. Burma will also rejoin the British Empire. Indochina will be returned to France but is quickly sold to China for one billion USD.


The Americans in April fully test an atomic bomb and then prepare two bombs with the help of Britain while in Germany scientists promise they can have two bombs ready by September.

June 6, the anniversary of the failed invasion of Normandy, America tests its first nuclear bomb. This angers Hitler as he feels that the Germans are behind in weapons for the military and in civil technology.

On July 1, the Allies reach Paris and the Soviets have nearly surrounded Berlin. With two bombs completed President Truman give the Go-ahead and two bombs are dropped on Cologne and Munich. Germany completes the tests on the A9 for which Hitler now coins the term V4 by September 2 have been completed. He vows to keep fighting even though the Soviets have reached the Rhine and the Americans have reached the Ardenne.

By September 20th the Germans have completed two nuclear bombs. One is dropped on Copenhagen where the advancing Soviets where fighting remnants of the SS. It is a one kiloton device leaving Hitler very disappointed as he expected a flattened city, though military and civilian casualties are high even though most of the city survives. The other device is loaded onto a V4 and fired at New York City it falls short by about one hundred and twenty miles. Although it was a flop Truman feels that for revenge the Americans should drop another nuclear device but is cautious of irradiated Russian troops crossing the Rhine.

On November 1st, with all "wonder weapons" exhausted Hitler orders the remaining A9 to be filled with chemical weapons and fired at Washington, then about an hour later secretly kills himself.

Exhausted, Germany surrenders soon after. The A9 is not fired at Washington as many scientists vital for firing the complicated A9 had fled, worried at being accused of committing War Crimes.

There is no East and West Germany - only one Germany, occupied by the Soviet Union and with all German nuclear and rocket scientists working for them. The west knows its in for a tough time.


Now that the war is over people can finally return to normal life. Europe is divided by the Allies.

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia reunited), Poland, the Baltic Republics, Finland, Norway, and Denmark fall under the Soviet occupation or their sphere of influence, while The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, France, and Italy fall under the Allied sphere of influence.

In March, the Allies meet to discuss the fate of the Axis countries - all of the latter having one representative to discuss terms. They meet in Stockholm where the Treaty of Stockholm is signed. The main points of that treaty are that Germany will fall under complete Soviet occupation while Italy will fall under complete Allied occupation.

In August the United Nations holds its first ever meeting with all the civilizations of the world in it in New York.

In September the United States and Soviet Union enter their first problem. Greece wants to trade with the U.S. but the Soviets don't allow this to happen. The Soviets decide to surround Greece with warships and the Americans respond by blocking off any trade routes through the Mediterranean by using warships near Italy. The Soviets fear that this could escalate so they back down and allow Greece to have limited trade which suits both Greece and the U.S.

In early November the US forms NATO, an "anti-communists in Europe" treaty that will also have its own army, navy and air force, and will be based in London, and will have most bases in Western Europe, specifically France and Italy.


After the war ended, trouble quickly brewed.

The Berlin Pact and NATO almost went to war on a number of occasions, but it all went down the same way the Cold War went except for the fact that there was no Berlin Airlift. Otherwise it all went the same.

In 1991 the Soviet Union fell apart and the Berlin Pact disbanded. After this happened not much changed except that Germany is like the old Berlin Pact members, it is in ruin and shambles.

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