Points of Divergents

Roman Republic

  • 343 BC- Samnites unite with other Italic tribes and create the Samnite Union
  • 342 BC Samnite offensive against Capua successful.
  • 341 BC Samnites capture Antium and Paestum.
  • 340 BC Tarent attacks Samnites.
  • 339 BC End of First Samnite War, undecisive peace.
  • 326 BC Start of Second Samnite War :
  • 318 BC- End of second Samnite war: Rome conquers Campania,Carthage gains Lucania and Calabria.
  • 298 BC Start of Third Samnite War:
  • 287 BC End of Third Samnite War Romans and Greeks defeat Etruscans and Samnites.
  • 280 BC Pyrrhus of Epirus arrives in Tarent.Start of the Pyrrhic war.
  • 278 BC Pyrrhus defeat Carthaginians and forces them to give up their domains in Italian mainland.
  • 277 BC Pyrrhus causes Samnite rebellion.
  • 275 BC Romans defeat Pyrrhus and conquer all southern Italy and Messana.
  • 273 BC Carthage declares war on Rome: Start of First Punic war.
  • 253 BC End of First Punic war. Carthage keeps western Sicily and Sardinia, Rome gets Corsica and Syracusae.
  • 250 BC Treaty of Malta: The new border in the west is th Ebro River.
  • 243 BC New Carthage founded.
  • 222 BC Hannibal Barcas secures Iberia as far as the river Tagus.
  • 221 BC Carthaginians conquer Cyrenaica.
  • 218 BC Hannibal besieges Saguntum.The Edetani Saguntines ask Rome for help.
  • 217 BC Battle of Saguntum.
  • 215 BC Mago, son of Hammilcar Barca, conquers Sicily and besieges Messina.
  • 214 BC Hasdrubal the Fair conquers Saguntum.Its king Indortes was killed, as all of its people.Fall of Messina
  • 213 BC Hannibal reaches Bibracte and with the Aedui chieftain Dumnorix he entablished the aedui kingdom.
  • 211 BC Hannibal with the help of the Helveti chieftain Orgetorix crosses the alps in the St.Gothard pass and defeats a roman army on the Ticino river. After that, he crosses th Po river near Ferrara
  • 209 BC Roman army under Scipio the Elder returns from Massilia. Another army is sent to the town of Emporion to conquer Cathaginian Iberia. the Battle of Cannae occurs. This leads to a Samnite rebellion and Hannibal conquers Tarent and Capua.
  • 208 BC A Carthaginian army conquers Corsica and Elba.Battle on the Ebro. It ends as a strategical draw.
  • 207 BC Battle of Dertosa. Hasdrubal Barca defeated.
  • 205 BC Iberian rebellion. Edetani seize Saguntum and Romans besiege Carthago Nova.
  • 204 BC Hannibal besieges Rome.Fall of Carthago Nova. Scipio retreats tzo Rome.
  • 203 BC Battle at Ostia. Roman victory. Carthaginians were also defeated in the Battle of Paestum
  • 202 BC Hannibal retreats to Sicily. Corsica and Sardinia under Roman control. Battle of Zama, Carthaginian victory
  • 201 BC Treaty of Gades: Carthage keeps Sicily and southern Spain.
  • 200 BC Romans conquer the Ilyrian coast, Kingdom of Gaul emerges
  • 180 BC Narbonensis attached to Rome.
  • 60 BC Caesar gets Hispania, not Gaul, which is given to Pompei.
  • 55 BC Start of Third Punic War
  • 53 BC Caesar conquers Gades and New Carthage.
  • 44 BC Romans conquer Cyrene.
  • 40 BC End of Third Punic war

Roman Empire

  • 27 BC Octavianus becomes 1st Roman emperor.
  • 25 BC Octavianus conquers Hispania as far as the province of Baetica and the later OTL Diocletians Carthaginensis and eastern half of his Tarraconensis.
  • 23 BC Octavianus conquers Western Alps and Hercegovina.
  • 21 BC Octavianus conquers Anatolia, Judea and Egypt. (He does not secure the Danube lands)
  • 150 AD Romans conquer Thracia.
  • 155 AD Fourth Punic war: Romans conquer Tingis and Mauritania.

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