There are lots of countries in the Early Exploration TL.


European Countries
Rome Republic Latin Denars
Gallia Republic Celtic Celtic Denars


Republic Latin Dollare
Iberius Islamic-Republic Moorish Arab Dollare

East Slavia

Comunist Slavic Pound
West Slavia Republic Slavic Pound


Absolute Monarchy German German Coin
Burgundy Parlimentary Monarchy German Burgundian coin
Astur Comunist German Polish Asturian Pound
The Byzantine Empire Imperial Monarchy Greco-Latin Greco Denar
Skandinavia Republic Norse Norsia
Swede Republic Norse Norse coin
Norom Republic Latin- Norse Ruble- Denar
Russia Comunist Russian Ruble
Londonium Parlimentary Monarchy Celtic Celtic Denar
Ireland Democracy Celtic Celtic Pound
Scotia Republic Celtic Celtic Denar

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