The "Factory School" was a horrendous, concentration camp-like idea thought of by George Bush to enslave the children of his country.

A Typical Day

Just months after The Libertation (the freeing of children and success of war), a documentry named , which was later shortened to Just Another Schoolday and also in shops, revealed the horrors of the "typical", "happy" days.

In 4 am, students would be waken up by their parents, and forced to get up. They'd brush their teeth in very short time, and eat a breakfast. According to an unamed witness in Just, all his friends had a piece of bread, a celery stalk, some corn or peas, and at most some old ham. Soon, they'd be picked up by a school bus by about 4.30 am, which are often armed with guards, CCTVs, and listening devices, any critical comments lead to beatings. They would soon arrive at about 5 to 5.40 am, and since school "only" starts at 6 am, everyone reports to the Authority's Registry, where they are reminded of their number, and unsympathetically thwacked on the hand for no reason. They are then made to get out of their own clothes which they were in the school bus, which are simply put in a basket, and later reclaimed, and put on the uniform. The uniforms come from the Third World, and to save money each grade gets roughly the same size. Of course, everyone eats pretty much the same things so there isn't much discomfort. The uniform is very vulnerable to cold-it covers not-so-tightly the body only from the lower neck to the upper tip of your legs, and the arms are uncovered. After the dressing-up, and they also fit into slipper-like tight shoes which are poorly made, they head to their separate wards, and to the classrooms. All children then read propaganda, which are later described. These people are soon sent to the outside, where they are forced to listen to the principal's ranting and brainwashing. A single snore, yawn or slouch is met with an immediate slapping. 5 children are, at the end of the ranting, randomly chosen and birched plubicly. Popular people purposely laugh to humiliate, and to further the foothold of the "Authority" in the children. Soon, the children head to classes, and are stuffed knowledge from propaganda to working skills to difficult sciences, which are simply for the sake of it. After 2 hours of lessons, a 10-minute recess is given, where everyone just goes to the washrooms, and most facilities are closed. All who return early are forced to read propaganda. By then, it is 8.30 am, and the lessons have yet to end. All "drones" have to be ready in 8 weeks, or 2 months, and they never know what it feels to be properly educated. Afterwards there is another 3 and a half hours of lessons before there is a 5-minute recess. At 12.25 pm, past noon, all go to the canteen in the Central Ward where they eat the same food, usually bad food. After just 25 minutes, at 1 pm, another 3 hours of lessons are given, and after that a 10-minute recess. At last, starting in 4.10 pm, another 4 hours of lessons are given, the Hail Headmaster (Headmistress) and Hail School is sung, and everybody leaves by schoolbus. Usually there is another 5 hours' woth of homework and tutors until sleep is allowed at roughly 1.40 am the next day.


In every ward, there is, in addition to the classrooms, a Propaganda Room, a Holding Room/Torture Chamber, a PE Area, a IT Area, and a Authority Office, all off-limits usually.

Relation to Factories

It was named Factory School for something, and that was its sheer cruelty. Students would be stuffed with knowledge, and not allowed to raise any ideas. A typical lesson, according to George Bush's Education Guidlines, went with a announcement of everything they were to learn, an immediate stuffing of knowledge at over 94 words per minute, and the finishing of 60 pages of books a day, and then an announcement of homework, and occasional interruptions of beatings. Everyone was treated the same.

The mission as "intern drones", "survival camps" and "graduations" were more frightening. Often, many students were grabbed by the back out of the classroom, and dumped into cars. they were unsympathetically whacked unconsious, then mercilessly whipped "into shape". They are then sent to the location, where they are all sent to hard labour.

Hard Labour

Thousands of children, because of their naiveness and inability to resist attack, were chosen to do hard labour for the "Authority". According to an eyewitness account in a book named Ageism at its worst, the tasks included moving rocks for the sake of it. The witness, a former drone, claimed that the teachers said "it is good for your health", and many believed it even though they themselves frequently fainted from exhaustion. Alos, they were forced to do high-danger jobs, like construction (yes, it's construction) and fighting.  

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