Fascist League
Timeline: World at War (Map Game)
FacistLeagueFlag Fascist Eagle
Flag Seal
Fascist League members in Purple

Motto to be voted (Hungarian, Czech, German and Serbian)

Headquarters To be voted (Unofficially in Belgrade)
Language Hungarian, Czech, German and Serbian
General Secretary Yugoslavia
  Voting Members: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Yugoslavia
Other Members None currently
Established As Mediterranean Alliance: 1933

As Roman Powers: 1935

As Fascist League: 1940


1935 Mediteranean Powers

Full Members

  • Hungary
  • Czechoslovakia
  • 3rd German Reich
  • Yugoslavia

Junior Members

Observer Nations




Tehran Conference

Italy: What should we do about the current Turkish War of Aggression. I suggest we aid Persia and reduce Turkey's power permanently.

Germany: Do whatever we can to defeat Turkey and make Turkey powerless. They are inferior and don't deserve to be independent from anyone!

Italy: I suppose that we dissolve the Turks and establish several puppet states that are members of the Alliance. Here is my suggested post Turkish borders: Then three remaining states are all ethnic states, so Azeria's full of Azerians, Kurdistan full of Kurds, and Kurabia full of Kurds and Arabs. Germany gets Constantinople, Greece half the western Bosphorus Straits, and Germany the eastern half. Rumania gets the Candar region, while Greece also gets a huge chunk of Anatolia and Italy gets a good portion of southern Turkey. The three remnant states will be junior members of the Mediterranean Powers and allowed to form any government they choose as long as it is loyal to the MP and is not Communist.
Post Turkish Map

Germany: I suppose that sounds like a good deal, especially because im not in the war, just part of the MP.

Greece: Weren't we going to keep Istanbul as a free city? And I would like to have Eastern Thrace, which is traditional Greek land.

Romania: Can I have west Kurabia.

Germany: I want the territory that the map states will get. If I don't get what I want, I'll be pissed and invade whoever's idea it was to take what is rightfully mine away from me.

Hungary: We have no territorial claims in the Turkish area.

Romania: Can I invade Bulgaria when this war is over. Greece, if you help you we can split 50/50. I would take East Bulgaria and you could take west. That's all the help I need. Thanks! If you do this, I don't want West Kurabia.

Italy: Italy will aid in the Bulgarian invasion and suggests Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Germany split Austria.But Italy states that we shouldn't go too fast, or other players will start crying IMPLAUSIBLE! and quit the game. Greece, I'm sorry, Germany is a strong ally, and we need them, I will aid in the conquest of Bulgaria and will stake NO CLAIMS there whatsoever, so Greece and Rumania will have plenty of land. Hungary, we will aid expanding you later into both Austria and Yugoslavia. I want none of Austria, but I do want some of Yugoslavia to connect with Albania. Serbia will be established as a puppet state after the war.

Germany: I object! Austria used to be German land, all of it rightfully belongs to Germany. This is crazy if you think im going to split Austria! If we all agree that Austria goes to me, I will send a few waves of Germany's greatest bombers into Turkey to help out in the war. Do we all have a deal?

Italy: Germany, you cant boss us all around, we are all equal nations and brothers in arms. Hungary can't expand into anywhere but Austria and has a good claim as it used to be united with Austria. Czechoslovakia is already at war with Austria, and you actually have no historical claim other than them being German. All of Austria is not German. We will split Austria among you and Hungary. If its all right with Czechoslovakia they can have some of Poland instead of Austria.

Greece: I support Germany in its claim for Austria. Everyone there speaks German anyway. Maybe Czechoslovakia could give the far eastern reaches of Slovakia to Hungary so they could gain land from Poland?   And I refuse to stand down on my claims to East Thrace. It's traditionally Greek land. Germany does not deserve to have it. I will give Germany land out of the massive amount I got in Asia Minor. I will also invade Bulgaria with Romania. Greece requests the entire border region of Bulgaria (Northern Thrace) and says that we can partition the rest any way Romania wants. I would also like the Macedonian Republic of Yugoslavia.

Greetings I would like to join the Mediterranean Roman Powers since now on Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:31, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

Yugoslavia: Italy granted me membership, although I don't see the name on the members. If Greece is willing to give me part of Bulgaria they would get (I enter in the war as well), and have Constantinople (Istanbul) as a puppet state (officially an Orthodox Church state, that would inspire Yugoslavians, Romanians, Bulgarians and Greeks of the nobility of our cause) I could give part of Macedonia.

Germany: All of Austria belongs to me okay? Otherwise, I might quit the MP. When the time comes to obtain Poland, Hungary can have much of Poland. And haha, Czechoslovakia? Such a weak nation doesn't deserve to be in our glorious alliance.

Italy: I agree with Greece, and suggest it be combined with Yugoslavia's proposal. Italy would like a strip of Austria to go to Hungary though, not much, but at least a little. And Germany, were not afraid to vote you out, Czechoslovakia is a full member of the alliance and has Italy's full backing as does every member of our great alliance.

Romania: If weak nations aren't allowed then why are you here, Germany? I vote Germany out of the alliance. Also, if Germany gets all mad in threatens war on us, and we have to invade him, can I have Munich?

Yugoslavia: I really think that a fight inside the Alliance won't help anyone objectives. We n

Possible Roman powers flag

eed to stand united and focus in the further wars. I just want to know if I can already invade Bulgaria

Romania: I propose this as a flag (If we change our name to Roman Powers ).

Italy: Germany, hold your temper, we value your strength in the alliance but if you continue your arrogant attitude towards the other members of this alliance we will have no choice but to vote for your removal and if a majority is reached, you will no longer be a member. Also the name is changed to the Roman Powers and our new flag is that above. We should also establish relations with NATO. And yes, the invasion of Bulgaria may begin, and since I'm not here, can Greece's player control Italy for the next two weeks until Imm back? If not Greece, then Rumania please.

Germany: We come to the realization that Czechoslovakia is just as good as any member of our Roman Powers, and we will give a sliver of Austria to Hungary. Germany also demands an apology from Romania, this being that Germany gets a sliver of Bulgaria.

Romania: We will give you the southwest corner of Bulgaria bordering your already occupied Turkey.

Germany: Deal! And we apologize as well.

Germany: Oh and, we would really appreciate a piece of Albania. The expansion of the German Reich is important.


Italy: Great!, thank you Germany for apologizing and giving some land to Hungary. Also, Italy cedes Albania to Yugoslavia and offers Libya to Germany as a gift in return for it withdrawing claims on Bulgaria and Turkey. Also, CAN SOMEONE CONTROL ITALY FOR ME PLEASE!!! I CAN'T POST ON THE GAME VIA MOBILE! I will put my posts on whomever's talk page who agrees to put them on the game page. Please message me or say yes on here, please.

Greece: I'm getting frustrated here. -__- I've already posted my claims (East Thrace and North Thrace) and they are both being IGNORED. I've already told Germany that I will trade them some of my endless Aegean territory for the East Thracian area, and they are ignoring me and then you guys completely disregard that I want the North Thracian area, which is the border of Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey and I am IGNORED again! I will happily trade Germany in compensation for lands lost, and Germany can keep its land in Asia Minor, but I will not back down on my claims for these pieces of Ethnic Greek land.

Germany: First of all, I'll give Greece what you want if I get more land then you in Turkey. Second of all, I'm not withdrawing ANY claims from Bulgaria or Turkey, Italy must have the wrong idea. And I still want a piece of Albania. I don't need Libya. Third of all, I'd be happy to control Italy for how long did you say?? In return for maybe actually some of Libya. :)

Italy: I figured out how to post via phone. Also, Germany, I proposed you getting that land, you never actually asked for it, so Greece gets the lands around the Bosphorous Straits and East Thrace. Germany, you get Italian Turkey and that's way more land! THAT IS FINAL!!!!

Germany: So I get Italian Turkey, and the land that Romania said I'll get in Bulgaria, once defeated. It's a deal.

Germany: Also, I still want a piece of Albania. It is key in the expansion of my glorious Reich.

Italy: Germany, you are never satisfied! You will not get Albania or any other land in the Balkans! And Libya is now Greek! Your demands are sickening and arrogant, if you continue it we may have to vote!

Yugoslavia: I appreciate Italy giving Albania, and I support Greece claims as long as they drop any claims over Macedonia

Greece: We very reluctantly drop claims on Macedonia. Also, how the hell did I get Libya? I don't really need it. Maybe I could trade Macedonia for Libya? 

Yugoslavia: What borders do you propose?

Germany: All I want is a small piece of Albania. Then I will be satisfied. Then of course, I will still get my piece of Bulgaria. Those will be my last territory demands in the Balkans! I swear!

Italy: We're not Neville Chamberlain's Germany! You can have a small part of Bulgaria, but Albania has been given to Yugoslavia.

Germany: I'm not giving up here! I'll admit this is not my last territory demand, but it is in the Balkans. Yugoslavia, I need a piece of Albania. I posted on your talk page.

Yugoslavia: I give half of Albania (to Germany) and Macedonia (to Greece) as long as the Greeks keep giving us Libya, we have some of Bulgaria, Germany keeps the deal offered in my talk page and not necessary but I would like to be supported to be the host of the 1944 Summer Olympics

Italy: Seeing the failure of the alliance, Italy withdraws from the Roman Powers and withdraws its claim to Libya and Italian Turkey to avoid future conflict.

Yugoslavia: I think we should approve Great Britain as member and use their ships to stop any American/Iceland possible help, and so we can invade Italy and the Turkish puppet states to teach them a lesson.

Romania: when we invade Italy I want Sicily, that's it. I'm starting the invasion.

Italy: Italy was one of the first two members of the MP, and has a right to leave. Italy gave up all of its colonies to try to help the Greeks and Yugoslavians get at least some land. I stood up to Germany's continuous demands and defended Czechoslovakia against German interests. I have tried to keep a internal RP war from occurring at much loss of territory and pride, Italy has tried to keep peace on the alliance, I demanded no land in Bulgaria or Austria and even gave up Italian Albania, Italian Turkey, and Libya to keep my allies here happy, while I received nothing. Italy has given everything to the Roman Powers except its heartland . Please my former allies, let me leave in peace, as I have everything I could to please your needs and territorial demands. I have literally reduced my nations size by half to please you. Let me live in peace.

Romania: OK but I have my eye on you.

Germany: Italy is a trader! He's planning something I know it. Defeat Italy while were strong...c'mon.

Yugoslavia: We can't simply invade Italy, we would be buying fight with the USA. We need to focus in electing a nation to occupy the post of Italy as head Country, fill the blank made and then we can discuss any issues with Italy and the puppet states in Turkey. Also why Persia leaved and haven't joined NATO?

Italy: Hitler, you are a warmonger and murderer, Italian spies have learned of your mass extermination of the Jewish population and others you consider undesirable. You just want land. Italy left because of your ignorance and unsatisfiable demands. We want only peace. Italy and the GDL/NATO now have Britain as a member and ally. If there is a war, it will be of your own making. Italy and NATO offer membership and friendly relations to all of the Roman Powers, and if you do not join NATO we still welcome friendly relations. Italy left the RP because of Germany, and asks for friends and personal alliances with all of the RP who were so friendly to Italy.

Romania: Seeing Germany as a weak and powerless nation who will bring war through the RP, Romania also leaves the RP, and will probably join GDL.

Greece: We leave the Mediterranean powers along with Kurabia. This alliance has made the game very implausible and currently we're ultimately just bowing to German demands.

Yugoslavia: I suppose then the Head of alliance is up to me, Germany do you disagree?

Yugoslavia: I will assume the head of the alliance, if anyone disagrees is free to leave.

Yugoslavia: If USSR agrees to enter the alliance, I propose changing the name to East Europe Coalition.




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