Faceless Government is a presidential ATL with a bit of a spin. We've seen some scary candidates for President in OTL. We've seen some really scary presidents. Some have been real monsters. This presidential ATL takes us into a world if a candidate for president was a faceless man in a business suit. He's great with kids and his ad campaign is to die for. The main difference is that the candidate is none other than Slender Man.


The Point of Divergence is in 2007. A crowd of people gather around the stage in front of the Montpelier City Hall as a creature steps onto the stage. The candidate, tall and skinny in form, raises both arms to address the crowd. As some applaud, others stand and gawk as the frightening creature. It spoke without opening its mouth. The voice, filled with static and distortion, echoed through the crowd. The speech (to be disclosed at a later time) ended with the creature saying, "I am Slender Man and I am running for President."

2008 Presidential Election




Ad Campaigns

<more coming soon>

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