History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

List of Cæsars

Cæsar Fabivs Agricola
Born: 950(197)
Legal status: Citizen of the Roman Empire
Occupation: 13th Cæsar
Ruled: 988(235)-1028(275)

In 993(239), in anticipation for the looming Millennial Celebration and wanting reward for his work in the north, Agricola requested of the Senate that construction of a larger-than-life-size Heroic statue of himself be built in time for the party. The Senate said 'why not?' since it would not be the only monument built and the actual Millennial Monument would be much nicer. On April 21st of the Millennium Agricola Mars Pacificator was commemorated; the 10pes(3.4m) statue of white marble and gold stood on an 8 pes marble and bronze podium in Rome, decorated with all the usual frills, titles, and devotional inscriptions. Agricola was said to have nodded his head during the commemoration, saying, "Yes, this is suitable for me." Agricola was not especially athletic of body.

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