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Federated States of South America
Timeline: Down a Different Path

OTL equivalent: Argentina (minus Mesopotamia region), Chilean Patagona, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia
Flag of FSSA DownDifPath
FSSA Orthographic DownDifPath
Location of FSSA

En unión y libertad (Spanish)
("In Unity and Freedom")

Anthem "Himno Nacional FSSA"
Capital Cordoba
Largest city Buenos Aires
Other cities Rosario, Stanley, Mendoza
  others Portuguese
Ethnic Groups
  others White (non-Hispanic), Black, South American
Government Federal parliamentary republic
President Mauricio Macri
Area approx. 1,700,000 square mi
Population 41,450,000 
Established 1776
Independence from Great Britain
  declared August 15, 1947
  recognized April 10, 1948
Currency Pound sterling
Time Zone (UTC-3)
Internet TLD .fs
Organizations United Nations
The Federated States of South America, or just the FSSA, is a republic in South America. It shares land borders with Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Sao Paulo.





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