Fox News is a US cable TV and Internet News Network and is one of the "big 5" US News companies.

Fox News was in March 1985 by billionaire John Q. Tyler. At first the network only had one channel but in
1989 Fox 2 was launched and in 1994 Fox 3 became live. The stations are renowned for their politically conservative views and their support for successive republican administrations.


JUNE 2, 1997, ALASKA, USA: UN Says No To Return of Alaska Soviet And United States Sign to Stop Alaska Seccession MAY 25, 1997, JALISCO, MEXICO, VERACRUZ, USA: The Hurricane Amanda Reaches US State US Government That Reports Mexico City Continued Rain And Flood From Outside May Mexico City May Affected By Storm Surge Or Hailstorm

MAY 23, 1997, CROATIA, YUGOSLAVIA: Reports That Construction Worker Is Using Crane To Remove Deadly Animals In Flood Zone And Refugees And Evacuees Reported

MAY 22, 1997, Athens AH, USA: A Protest In US Military Zone of Athens Anti-Martial Law Protesters In Thailand And Libya Declare Bankruptcy A Massive Riots In These Places The United Nations Resolve Problems In Libya And Thailand Also Somaliland Meetings Held In Laura Angeles And Celebs Watch Meeting Of UN Summit

MAY 21, 1997, Jos, Nigeria: A Massive Bombings In Jos Nigeria Killing One Hundred Eighteen People On Attacks Reported On Release News

MAY 21, 1997, 6:00 AM Europe: Massive Flood Disease Spread Over Yugoslavia And People Are Dead

MAY 20, 1997, Bangkok, Thailand: Martial Law Declared In Thailand Reports Military And Armies Began Deal With Thai Government Since Thai Prime Minister Is Abused On January 1997 Reports Anti-Government Protesters Are Been Killed In This Day

APRIL 12, 1997, Somaliland: Somaliland Government Issued Bankruptcy And Economic Troubles And Reports The UN Have Resolved And Meeting In Hollywood And New York

MARCH 23, 1997, Kuwait Declare Independence From Iraq And Joins Saudi Arabia Reports Referendum Is Successful While Iraq Is Chaos And Civil War In Iraq

JANUARY 1, 1997: New Year Is Starting Today And Starts In US State of Alyeska And USSR

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