The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament that stands as the highest level cup currently sanctioned by FIFA. It is held every four years and is the largest sporting event in the world. Argentina, Italy and Germany are tied for the most championships with three apiece.


List of World Cup Tournaments

Year Host Country Host Country Flag Champion Runner-up Third Place Highest Scorer Most Valuable Player Best Goaltender
1930 Uruguay Uruguay United States Denmark
1934 France Italy France Germany
1938 Brazil Brazil Uruguay Argentina
1950 Switzerland Germany Czechoslovakia Brazil
1954 Chile Chile Brazil Italy
1958 UBPR Italy UBPR Germany
1962 Argentina Argentina Brazil Italy
1966 Italy Italy Hungary
1970 Mexico Brazil Netherlands
1974 Russia South France UBPR
1978 Iran UBPR Germany Italy
1982 Germany Germany UBPR Argentina
1986 Colombia Argentina Germany Netherlands
1990 Netherlands Croatia Germany South France Davor Šuker Davor Šuker
1994 United States Argentina Croatia Germany Andrés Escobar Davor Šuker René Higuita
1998 Sweden Sweden Argentina France Davor Šuker Henrik Larsson
2002 China Germany Argentina Russia Gabriel Batistuta Oliver Kahn Oliver Kahn
2006 France France Italy Germany Zenedine Zidane Zenedine Zidane
2010 South Africa Netherlands Chile Uruguay Luis Suarez Arjen Robben
2014 Mexico/CSA Mexico Portugal Netherlands
2018 United Republic TBA
2022 Korea TBA

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