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Federação Internacional de Futebol Associado
Abbreviation FIFA
Formation 8 September 1896
Type Federation of national associations
Headquarters São Sebastião, Brazil
Region served Worldwide
Membership national associations
Official languages Portuguese
President Eduardo Martorelli
Senior Vice-President João d'Aquino Fonseca
Vice-Presidents Émerson Leão, Afonso Benazi
Affiliations International Olympic Committee

The Federação Internacional de Futebol Associado (FIFA; English: International Federation of Association Football) is the international governing body of association football throughout the world. FIFA is responsible for organizing and running many of the world's largest international tournaments, including the World Cup, which began in 1906 with the first tournament in Brazil.

FIFA was founded in the year 1896 to oversee the international competition among the associations of various nations in Hesperia, including Brazil, Andea, and Guiana. Founded and headquartered in São Sebastião, Brazil, since its inception the organization has continued to grow to various nations across the globe, with each member nation also participating within one of six regional confederations: Africa, Asia, Europe, Borealia, Oceania, and Hesperia.


CONESBOL (Hesperia)Edit

The Hesperian Football Confederation (Portuguese: Confederação Hesperiana de Futebol; Spanish: Confederación Hesperiana de Fútbol) is the continental governing body of association football in Hesperia and it is one of FIFA's six continental confederations. The oldest continental confederation in the world, its headquarters are located in São Sebastião, Brazil, and represents the founding members of the organization. CONESBOL is responsible for the organization and governance of Hesperian football's major international tournaments.

  • Flag of Chile (1812-1814) Cordoba (1896)
  • Flag of Santiago de Chile Santiago (1896)
  • Flag of Argentina (1818) Argentina (1896)
  • Naval Jack of Uruguay Uruguay (1896)
  • Flag of New Spain PMIII Osea (1896)
  • Flag of the Mapuches Vorlayacor (1896)
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay (1896)
  • Zapotec Flag Mexaca (1898)

UEFA (Europe)Edit

The Union of European Football Associations (French: Union des Associations Européennes de Football; German: Vereinigung Europäischer Fußballverbände) is the administrative body for association football in Europe, although several members have territory which is all or partially in Africa or Asia. It is one of six continental confederations of world football's governing body FIFA.

  • BaiernFlag8 Bavaria (1908)
  • Flag of Austria Austria (1908)
  • Venezia (1908)
  • Flagge Preußen - Provinz Brandenburg Brandenburg (1908)
  • FlagGrtSaxony Saxony (1908)
  • Swabian Flag One Swabia (1908)
  • New Prussia Flag Prussia (1908)
  • Pomerania (1908)
  • Civil Ensign of Luxembourg Luxembourg (1909)
  • PM3HRBanFlag Croatia (1908)
  • PM3CarantaniaFlag Carantania (1908)

COBLBISAF (Borealia)Edit

The Confederation of Borealian, Lower Borealian, and Imperial Sea Association Football (COBLBISAF) is the continental governing body for association football in Borealia, Lower Borealia, and the Imperial Sea.

  • Neu Norderney (1909)
  • New Guerney (1909)
  • Arcadia (1910)
  • Flag of Ducal Prussia Zollern Insels (1910)

CAOAF (Asia and Oceania)Edit

  • Flag of UMS (The Kalmar Union).svg New Rugia (1908)
  • Naval Ensign of Japan Japan (1910)
  • Cabo Verde Flag PM3 Cabo Verde (1910)
  • Samoa (1910)
  • São Leopoldo (1910)
  • Ilhas Pátria (1910)
  • Ilhas Pará (1910)
  • Flag of the Hamburg colony of New Mecklenburg New Mecklenburg (1910)

AFC (Africa)Edit